Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exercise Time in Florida!

Mom took me to the dog park area today and boy did I have fun!!!  This is me and my new friends, Dexter and Bailey (he's another Bichon, which I've met before).  Dexter and I had loads of fun running around!!  But I'm tired now!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whew! I'm a tired dog!

Mom and I got back from visiting my cousins again yesterday afternoon and I'm still tired...although, I did make mom take me for a walk around 8 last night! 

On our first day, Sherry and I got to go for a ride!  We went to a strawberry farm and mom and MaryAnn bought strawberries and Nancy bought us a strawberry sundae!

  I didn't know what that was (mom doesn't get ice cream for me!) but MaryAnn let us each try some!  YUM!!!
All I got was a little ice cream but it was still a treat!! 

This is Sherry and me playing in the house!  We did this all the time but sometimes mom would make us stop!  Geezzz 

We get to take lots of walks while we are staying with my cousins.  I love my walks and I really like walking with Remy!  He's so handsome.  This is Remy when we went to the dog park!  I even ran with him but I can't catch the ball like he does!  My mom isn't so good at taking videos either!  But you get the idea!

I have so much fun with my cousins!  It's nice to have another dog around to play with.  I only wish I could talk mom and dad (well, actually it's more dad than mom!) into getting me a little sister!  Maybe one day......oops, dad saw me typing and just said "NO WAY!"   What's that all about!  Yikes!  It would only be a 'little sister' and I would teach it all my how to eat soap and play with toilet paper!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

At least I had some fun!

When mom ignores me, sometimes I just have to get her attention!  I just love, love, love playing with TP!  Actually, I like to eat it too!!!! 

Dad was really surprised when he went into the bathroom and found all of this!  They still don't know when I did it but I'll never tell!  Heck, I did bark once (I only bark once when I want something) but they ignored me sooooooooo...........I had a fun time!  I think dad did too because he was laughing the entire time he was picking up all my 'mess' (that's what mom said it was!).  I enjoy making my mom and dad laugh!

Gee, maybe I'll do it again today!  I want to keep them happy because mom and dad sure make me happy!!!