Sunday, November 24, 2013

I was sick....

Yes, I was sick this week and had to go to the emergency clinic for dogs on Thursday!  I even had to get two shots and x-rays!  But I am better now...
Actually I wasn't sick when mom took this picture...I was sleeping on the floor and dad covered me up so I just stayed where I was!  Yes, sometimes I 'milk' being sick because I get extra cuddles from mom and dad!!  Mom always said I was smart!  Yep, I am!

So Cody came for a sleepover last night and we had to play today!  This was us waiting for dad to throw the ball!
Mom was in the family room putting up the Christmas tree and decorations so Cody and I started to run around all the boxes!  What fun!  Guess I don't look so sick now do I??

Monday, November 11, 2013

The things my mom has me do!

 Sometimes mom puts boots on me so my feet don't get dirty!  WHAT!  I'm a feet are suppose to get dirty, right..
Of course I don't mind that mom puts me in a car seat!  I love riding shot that's OK!

 Of course, mom has to always dress me up!  Geezzz

 And she likes to take pictures of me in 'not so lady like poses'!

Then she makes me sit next to a statue just to see how big I am!  Now that's just plain cruel!

Well, yes, I do take naps!!!


This was a fun thing mom had me do!!  I love running in and out of the tunnel!!!

And yes, I admit it!!!  I like to take Snoopy outside with me!!!  I don't want to be alone!

And this is mom's latest 'tease' for me!  She hides treats in little pieces of fabric then stuffs the fabric inside a ball!!

Mom likes to see me struggle to get my treats...but to tell the truth it was lots of fun!!!

And today, one of mom's friends (who is a dog trainer) was teaching me how to roll over!!  I just never know what mom is going to do next with me or have me do next!!!

I just wanted to share some of my life with mom and dad!!  I'm a lucky dog after all!