Saturday, April 28, 2012

My afternoon out

Yesterday, mom took me to our local pet store, which is right around the corner!  We're so lucky to have this store so close to our house!  And I'm lucky because mom takes me with her when she goes there.

This is me being so good, waiting for mom.  She has to give the people something in exchange for getting me some new chewies!  It's a plastic card and all they do is hand the card back and forth to each other.  I think it's dumb but mom says that's how she pays for me toys and food!
I get really excited when I see or meet people but I have learned to settle down quickly and just sit.  Sometimes mom talks so much that I get tired so I lie down.  Mom said either way is being a good dog!  So I guess I was a good dog yesterday!!

I'm wearing Mandy's car harness because I'm not allowed to sit in the car without being "hooked up"!  Mom said I could fall or slip off the seat and if I'm not in the crate I wear my harness. 

Today is a lazy day for me.  I've been sitting on dad's lap or in mom's sewing room.  That's ok because mom said Cody is coming over to play with me today or I'm resting up!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I missed you too, Nick!!!
Mom took me yesterday to pick up Amber and Nick from school.  I haven't seen them in forever!!!! 

We had so much fun!  We met up with Amber first and she took me for a walk!  I was really good and peed when mom told me too.  I'm really good about going potty on the's not always easy because people stare and sometimes that makes it hard for me to go! 

After our walk, we sat in the car and Amber let me sit on her lap and look out the window.  We had to wait in the parking lot for the bell to ring.  This bell isn't like my bell at home (I ring the bell to go potty!).  Nick's bell was to let him out of the school house. 
Then I sat on Nick's lap to say hello.  I'm not allowed to ride in the car loose so mom either puts me in the crate or in my seat belt.  Mom said the doggie seat belt used to be for Mandy but she was able to shorten it up so it fits me too!  I lay in my bed and the seat belt holds me in, just in case mom isn't paying attention (or is it paying attention??) and has to stop really quick.  She said she doesn't want me to go flying through the window or slide off the seat. 

Then we went to the kids house and they fed Spikena...I'm not sure of her's used to be Spike but now they found out he is a she so they changed her name!  Mom took a video of her eating.  Yuck!  I'd rather eat dog food and my biscuits!  She's eating meal worms!  Well, I have eaten worms in Florida but they don't really taste that good and mom brushes my teeth like 3 times a day if I do! 
Mom said we're going to be staying with the kids in May so I'm looking forward to have fun with Amber and Nick!  And the cats!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good to be home again

This is me relaxing while mom is on the computer.  I like to look out the window too. 

I love sitting on my dad's lap!

But I always have my eyes on mom!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back home!

This is me at the hotel! sure is hard traveling!  Plus, I have allergies really bad so mom has to give me a pill every day! 

Yesterday we went to my own vet here in Michigan and they gave me a shot and started me on some new 'drugs' (that's what mom calls them!).  I'm doing so much better today and have hardly scratched.  Only problem, mom and the doc might not know if it's the 'drugs' or no more Florida pollen (another word mom uses!).  I'm really glad to be home.  I get to run up and down the deck stairs and I can see way down the back yards from the deck!  It's a lot of fun!  I'm really looking forward to seeing Cody and playing with him sometime this week or weekend!!  He's my buddy next door and I know we'll have fun.
This is me after I got my bath! 

And this is dad and me sleeping!  It's hard work traveling!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somethings going on!

I'm not really sure what's going on around here!  Mom is moving her 'art' stuff and packing and cleaning and I'm just not sure where it is we've going!  This table used to be full of mom's stuff but not anymore!!!  Maybe she gave up all that art stuff so she can just focus on me, me me!!!  Yea, I don't think so either!    Mom just told me that we're going to our Michigan home.  I figured out that I've spent the same number of months in Florida as I did at my Michigan home!!  I'm still a baby you know!

Mom & dad were taking me to the doggie park every day but I had to go back to the doctor's today for my allergies!  I keep scratching and it's keeping mom up at night...she doesn't complain much and said she's more worried about me.  So now I have to take more of my medicine until we get back to Michigan.    Sure hope I grow out of these allergies!

This is me waiting for the other dogs to come to the park.  If not one is there, I just jump back in the golf cart (after I've cried a bit)....and this is me in the golf cart!  I love going for rides and I'm sure going to miss it back in Michigan.  Mom said we can't take the golf cart with us.  I don't know why not!!! 
 This is me waiting for mom and dad.  They talk a lot you know!
Well, mom wants to use the computer now so guess I'll sign off.  Hope I get to go for my golf cart ride soon!  I'm just waiting for dad!  As usual!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My new friends

 These are my new friends!  Above is Ryan and Lucy.  Lucy walked me real nice!
 This is Lucy walking me again along with Kyle (on the left) and Ryan
I had lots of fun and I got to run around and chase my new friends!!  I love to run and I love kids! 

p.s.  Mom said I need to tell you who my new friends belong to.  They are mom's friend Carol's grand children.  I just call them my new friends!  I don't care who they belong to.  I just had fun playing with them! And they fed me lots of treats too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Doctor Visit in Florida!

Go figure!  Mom made me go to the doctors here in Florida today!  Mom doesn't like the red stain I have on my face and she thought it could be allergies...she said I rub my eyes just like her and dad do when they have allergies.  I don't know what allergies are but I don't think they are bugs!  Mom's always looking at my belly to make sure I don't have bugs.  I think she would freak out if I did!  I know dad would for sure!

So anyway, off to the doctor we went this morning...the lady doctor was really nice, well, until she did this 'thing' with my backside!  She wanted to make sure my 'anal' glands were clean!  WHAT!  YIKES!  Who told her to do that!  I thought I was going for my face stain!  Geezzz  I just think she made a mistake and reached for the wrong end! 
This was me after the 'backside' thing!  The doctor finally got to my 'front' side and said I do have allergies.  She gave mom some pills for me to take every 12 hours.  I guess I'll always have a stain on my face, even though mom washes my face every night after she brushes my teeth.  The Dr. suggested mom try some Angel Eyes supplement but mom wants to wait until we get home.  She wants to see how the medicine works and if I still have those darn 'allergies' when we get back to Michigan.  Maybe the 'allergies' will stay in Florida!  I sure hope so!  I don't want to go back to the Dr. here again...she just might get my back side and front side mixed up again!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gracie and Me!

Mom brought Gracie in the bathroom yesterday.   I think she wanted her teeth brushed just like me!
Mom said Gracie doesn't have teeth.  Whew!  I was worried for a minute that mom might use my toothbrush on her!
Today, Gracie and I sat out in the lanai with mom.  There was a nice breeze which I like to feel on my tummy.  I wouldn't let mom take my's not very lady like! 
Dad just called mom and me for our golf cart ride.  They are going to go out (again!) and leave me so this way they don't feel so, I make them take me for another ride when they get home!  I love manipulating mom and dad (I know that's a big uses it all the time!).