Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Livin' the good life!

Yep, I'm a lucky dog all right!  Get to live in Florida and just lay around, play a little, go for walks and eat!  Mom and dad sure eat a lot so I guess it's ok for me to do the same!  Although, mom said I have to lose wt so I don't get treats like I used too!  What's up with that!  I don't see mom and dad giving up any food...if I only have fingers like mom so I could open my treat bag myself!  They go out to dinner enough so I could eat all I want! 
Mom does get me to play a lot, in between our 1 mile daily walks!  This is me playing with my chew toy.  I only do this to amuse mom...she gets so giddy when I play...doesn't take much to make her happy! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who knew!

Well, who knew that I could get a bladder infection!!!  Thank goodness for my mom who watches me so close!  She was doing her normal 'watching me pee' routine and saw some blood on my 'behind'....she took me right in to the vets this past Wed. and so I'm now on medicine!  The vet said I'm young to get this but she also told my mom that Bichon's are prone to bladder/kidney stones!  Who knew that too!!!  Of course, mom freaked out! 
So we're off to the dog park...sure hope there are some dogs to play with again!  I love going to the dog park!!! 
Oh, mom said to put this video on my blog, just because she thinks I'm so cute!  I am kinda cute aren't I!