Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm a Rally Girl!

Yep!  Mom says I'm a RALLY GAL!  We had so much fun at class this week!  I was a real good girl and watched mom almost the entire time!  This is mom and me doing recalls!  The first recall I have to run back to mom and then do a finish which is just a fancy word to get back beside my mom!  But that's ok...they can call it whatever they want!  I'm smart and know what to do!

This next video I have to sit and wait for my mom to walk back to me.  They try to trick you so that you don't always expect you're going to be called to run back to them.  Actually, most of us dogs would prefer to just sit and let our mom and dads do the walking!  But that's ok...I just let mom think I'm so smart and wait for her.

This is the course mom and I went through outside...BUT we forgot to ask someone to take a video of us.  This little dog is the only one my same size in our class!  All the other dogs are big like German Shepard, Dobs and the like!  They are really big dogs!!  This little dog is so good and does everything "off leash", which means he's not hooked at the neck like most of us!  He just comes to class with his mom to have the distractions of the other dogs.   His mom and my mom let us sniff noses...he's just like me as far as lovin' people, kids and other we have lots in common.
I love our class and look forward to our next one!  Mom said they are closed next week so we have to wait two weeks....but mom is going to buy a tunnel for me to run through!  Yea!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm a Rally dog!

We had our 2nd Rally class last week and it's lots of fun.  Actually, it's getting to be more fun as mom is finally catching on as to what she needs to do to teach me! 
Rally class is a combination of obedience  and some agility.  Right now we are learning to do things like "halt", "90 degree turns", "left turns"....but heck, I'll do anything for food so once mom has her footwork down pat, I think we'll do good as a team!!  I'm really good at my sit/stay/come while on the leash so that makes mom happy!  No, it doesn't take much to make her dad is another story!  But mom won't let me post about that! 
Mom said she's going to take some video's next week at class at some of the dogs who are really good at Rally work. 

NO!  This isn't me...but it's what mom hopes will be me in about a year or so! 

This is my favorite position but I'll be a good sport for my, I'll do it for the food thing I mentioned!  Well, I do expend a lot of energy between my walks and lessons!  Just wait until I start jumping of hurdles!  Hope mom gives me steak then!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She's at it again! mom is at it again!  She signed me up for a Rally Class starting next week!  What the heck is a Rally Class???  From what mom told me, I'll get to run and jump and meet new friends.  Oh, yea...I have to behave to commands too.  I do really well "on leash" as mom likes to say and "off leash" I do my sit/stay/wait/find/down commands really good too.  I just don't always want to "come" to mom or dad when they call me ("off leash")...I just wonder if mom knows what she's in for at this Rally Class!  Oh well...I think it will be fun for me!!  I love meeting new people and other dogs so I'm pretty excited about the class after all! 

This is what mom said I should be able to do at some point in my life!!  I don't know who this Bichon puppy found it for me on this blog.  It does look like fun doesn't it!!  At least mom will get some exercise...I wonder if she has to jump the jumps too?  I hope so!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I do ring the bell!

Mom says no one believe that I ring the bell to go she did a's a short one because if she or dad don't come to the door really quick I get mad and hit the bell with my paw and my head!