Friday, December 12, 2014

Still doing my day job!

Mom and I headed out around noon yesterday to go and see my friends at the Assisted Living home.  Actually, now I go to two different homes!

This is my friend, Marie!  Marie likes me to sit next to her and I like it too.  It gives me time to rest!

Mom had me wear my Christmas dress too.  She said it makes the residents happy to see me dressed up.  I think they're happy to see me naked, so I don't think I need a dress...but it makes mom happy.

Yesterday, at our 2nd stop mom and I went in to look for one of our friends, Harriet.  We happen to run into the program director and told her we were on our way to see Harriet.  She informed us that Harriet had fell and was at the hospital (which is about a 1/2 mile away).

Well, mom was really upset, so back in the car we went so mom could go and see Harriet.  Mom left me in the car since it was a long walk to the hospital and she wasn't sure they would let me in.  Mom said I didn't have papers!  Dad has lots of papers that I like to grab and run away with but I don't think that's the kind of papers she was talking about....

Oh, sorry...guess I forgot the rest of the mom goes in the hospital and with the last name they gave her at the Assisted Living home (you see mom didn't know Harriet's last name!) she went up to the fourth floor to see Harriet.    Mom said she walked in the room and thought "that's not Harriet!".  So to make this long story a bit shorter....we went back to the assisted living home and guess who was sitting in the living area but MY Harriet.  The lady who gave mom Harriet's last name forgot there were two Harriet's!   This is  my friend, Harriet!   And she didn't fall!

  Whew!  We sure were glad our Harriet is ok!  And so is Harriet!!!  Mom said the good thing was she got more steps in her exercise program by all the walking!  So we got to visit with Harriet and some of the other residents.  They like to pet me and tell me how pretty I am!

Mom said because we leave to go to Florida in a few weeks that we may not get back to see our friends until spring.  We're going to try but mom said she has a lot to do!  What's to do!  We just get in the car and drive!  I'm ready so we can get back to taking walks!  I don't get many walks in because mom gets cold.  She needs to have fur on her like me!!  Well, it's time for my biscuit treat!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This job is more fun than I thought!

I really enjoy my job!  And mom found another home that we get to visit each week!  WooHoo!  Today we went to the Assisted Living facility here in town, our normal weekly visit.  We only got to stay about 45 minutes since they were getting ready to show a movie.  King Kong...he looked scary to me so I'm glad we had to leave. I did get to take a short nap before we left.

This is my friend Marie.  I like to lay beside her when we visit.  Sometimes I just sit on her lap but today I just snuggled up next to her and took a nap.  Mom likes to 'yap' a lot so I got a nice rest.

One of the residents from this Assisted Living home moved to a new one to be closer to her kids.  So Mom and I drove to the new place to visit. was a really big place and I loved it.  So many people walking around and petting me!!!  It was really fun!  This is our friend, Harriett.  She is really nice and always has me up on her lap.
BUT today I also got to ride!!  Yep, Harriett let me ride on her scooter.  Well, I guess it's not a scooter really but she uses it because the new place is so big, sometimes she need to take a break and sit down!

I had so much fun having Harriett push me around the building!  We did stop a few times and sit on benches.  Really it was so mom and Harriett could rest.  I didn't need to rest!

I can't wait to go back.  Mom took a video of me riding the 'scooter'.  You can see it below.

So now we have two places to visit each week.  I'm going to be really sad when we go to Florida.  I won't get to visit with my friends.  But mom said we'll get back to it when we return in the spring.  Until then, we have about five more weeks to visit with our friends.

Oh bought me another dress to wear for Christmas visits.  Sure wish they'd stop putting this outfits on sale!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm getting as busy as mom is!!

Boy, I sure am keeping busy lately!  Starting with Sunday, I had to be the cheerleader for the Lion's football team!  At least, that's what mom said!  So I put on my cheer uniform to help the team!  I guess it worked because they won!  Mom said it had to be my uniform because she didn't think their quarterback was as good as the win would make you think...

This is me doing the happy dance after the Lions won!!

Then Mom took me to the spa on Tuesday, which wears me out!  Of course, we go on our daily walks too.  Mom looks so funny all bundled up in the morning!  I'll have to take a picture of her when she's not looking.  It's really funny.  When we walk in the afternoon, usually the  sun is out so she looks more normal.  

Wednesday I did get a day of went down to see the 'kids' (they're really her grand kids but mom calls them the "kids").

Today was my day job at the Assisted Living home.  I love going there because I get lots of pets from the folks. They let me sit on their laps too, which I really like.  Mom said it makes the residents happy to see me.  She might be right but I think it's more fun for me!!  After all, it's suppose to be ALL ABOUT  ME!

This is my friend, Marie.  She's really nice and lets me sit on her lap.  She used to have a little wiener dog.  She has a statue of him in her room.  I like Marie too.

Mom then took me to my favorite vet, Dr. Wright, for a checkup today!  Dr. Wright is the best!   He takes really good care of me as do all the folks who work at Dunckel's Veterinary Hospital.  Mom said they always took care of their Mandy dog.  In fact, today we were in the room where mom said they had to say goodbye to Mandy.  Mom had a few tears being in the room but she said now it's a happy room because I was there with her!  See...I even make mom feel good!

Tomorrow mom said I'll get another day of rest since she has to be away for awhile.  As long as it's not snowing or blowing outside, mom said we'll still go on our walk before she leaves.  That way I'll be tired and sleep until she gets home.

Well, mom is getting my biscuit treats out so I'll have to go do some tricks.  You don't get anything free around here!  You have to work for everything!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yep...I still have my day job!

Mom and I are still visiting folks at the Assisted Living Home in our town.  I really love going there once a week seeing all the patients.  They can't wait to pet me and I can't wait to get petted!!!

This was me waiting for mom to take me to my job.  Yea...she put me in a cheerleader outfit!  I don't know why either...Halloween was last week...I had to be a bumble bee for that visit!

This is my friend, Norma...she loves for me to sit on her lap so I do just that!

I was trying to turn around as another one of my ladies was trying to pet me!  I did end up sitting next to her after I left Norma's lap!

I really do enjoy my time with the folks...I just wish mom wouldn't dress me up all the time.  She said next week I'll just wear jewelry around my neck!  Oh, she's talking about getting some stencils and coloring my fur!!!  WHAT!!!!  I think mom as too much time on her hands!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Yep, I'm still having a job!

Each week, mom and I visit the local Assisted Living Home here in town.  I have to say I'm enjoying it as I get to sit on different folks laps!  That's gives me treats when I get home.
These are some laps I was on today!!  AND I had to dress up as a bubble bee!!!  Who knew!!!

Mom said she is going to keep dressing me up.  A few weeks ago we had on matching T-shirts.  I don't know where she comes up with these outfits but guess it's ok.  The residents like me dressed up so......

Monday, September 29, 2014

And now I have a job!!

Mom's been telling me for the past two years that one day I will have a job!  So all morning long she was saying that today was my first day to go on my job.  Well, I waited and waited and FINALLY!

Woohoo!!  We left to go work!!  It really didn't seem that hard to me!  All I had to do was walk around and let folks pet me or just sit on people's laps!  Talk about an easy job!!

This is one of the friends I made!  She was really nice and mom let me sit on her lap so she could pet me.

I really liked Harriet and mom said we are going back next week to see her again.

I was good and would sit next to the ladies and, of course, let them pet me!

Yes, this is a tough job (he he) but someone has to do it!  And I'm sure glad it's me!!!

I like this kind of work!  Sometimes I was on laps and sometimes I would just put my paws up on their laps so they could pet me.  I really liked the laps!

I can't wait until next week so I can go and see my friends again...I mean go to work!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cookies in the bowl?? What's up with that?

Mom is still going strong with our 'lessons' she has me bypassing treats in a bowl!  Holy heck!  This is getting a little boring!!  Sometimes I'd just rather wait for dinner than have to go past bowls with food in them...only to find out mom took the treats out of the bowl!  She likes to trick me!!!

NOTE FROM MOM:  the whole point behind this 'game/lesson' is to have Kalee come to me regardless if there are food or other distractions.  I'm suppose to show her that I dropped food in the bowl, but I  have to sneak it out quickly before the bowl reaches the floor.  When I call her, she has the choice of running to eat the treats from the bowl or come to me!  This was only the 2nd time I did this with her!!!  She did great...once she comes to me, I give her the cue "get it" and she runs to the bowl...but I have to beat her to the bowl to  drop treats in there!  Geezzzzz  I think I'm getting more exercise than she is!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Mom is still into this online training 'thing''s always some kind of lesson we're doing throughout the day!  It wouldn't be so bad if I got some good treats...but all I get are chicken breast pieces or my canned dog food rolled in a ball!  Mom said it's because of my tummy issues.  I think she's just being 'cheap'....

Anyway, a week or two ago mom did a YouTube of us doing crate games!  I think it's a hoot because mom's butt shows up really well in the video!!!  And I was really good...although, now she's changing our 'cue' words...she said 'OK' was being used too much during the day so now she's wanting me to learn "break"...oh well, I"ll go along with her for the time being...maybe she'll get a new hobby!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Kalee turns 3  today so I'm doing her post!  I just love this little girl so much and so happy we made the decision to get her 3 days after Mandy passed.  It was such a sad time for us and I think of Mandy every day...that may be hard for some to believe but I do.

So here are some memories of the past few years with our baby!!!

She would sleep anywhere

Kalee's first snow

Kalee's first grooming day!

Her first vet visit

Her first Halloween outfit

Her first Buddy toy

Dad's shoe is almost bigger than her

Typical girl...has a shoe fetish

Yea, it's my birthday!!!

I sit so well behind dad!

Yep, the picture we fell in love with!  Had to have her.
Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

She's at it again! is at it again...she has this 'thing' about her and I "being the best we can be"....I think I'm the "best" already....BUT....looks like we're doing the training bit again.  I'm not really too excited as you can tell!

 If mom isn't in her 'sewing' area, she's on the computer...but now she'll be on learning new training stuff online.  It's called Recaller's 5.0..I don't know what happened in 1, 2, 3 or 4 but I guess I'll learn!  Mom is really excited and has been doing lots of  stuff to get ready for our first class online tomorrow...actually, I'm the one who has been doing stuff!
Geezz  Mom has to feed me 3 meals a day and lately she's been feeding my lunch time meal as part of our 'training session'!  I think it's cheating and she should just give me my food and then treats for our session(s)....but mom is afraid to give me any real treats because of my tummy issues.
But I'll go along with it...after else am I going to get my lunch!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yes, I am a Good Dog!

Mom is back into her 'training' mode again, so looks like I'll be getting some pretty good treats for awhile!!!  Mom is watching some training video's by Susan Garrett.  She trains dog for agility but also teaches what good choices we need to least that's what mom says she does!

And this is a video mom took...only problem she's better at training me today than she is with uploading the video to my post.  So you'll just have to click here to see what I did today!!  Maybe mom will take a class and teach herself what to do with videos on her phone!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Mom and me are at Amber and Nick's house until Monday...we've been here since Thursday.  I'm not really scared as I look in this picture...I just didn't want mom to take my picture.  She forgot to brush me and I don't look as nice as usual.  OK, maybe I was a little weren't home from school yet on Thursday and I didn't know if mom was leaving me alone or what was up.

Once we got the kids from school I was excited and we're keeping the kids entertained!

 At least I'm doing my part!  Seems everyone loves to hide food or treats and make dogs and cats hunt for their food.  what's up with that!  I don't live in the wild...why should I have to "find" my food!  Just put my treat in my mouth or food in my bowl...but nooooooo...they like to make me find a treat!  Geezzz

So needless to say, I get tired!!And this is what I think about the whole "watching the kids"'s exhausting for a dog!  Grandma's do lots better!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

All alone am I..... one will play with and dad are either busy packing (ok, so really mom is plays golf!), or they are out to eat without me!!!

I guess we are heading back to the house in Michigan...I don't really know where we live...I just go with mom and dad where ever they go!

I know I miss my dog friends back BFF, Cody, and his brother Logan.  And I only met Brody, the grand kids new dog, so we'll have to get to know each other this summer.  I guess he's pretty big - over 90 lbs.!  But he'll have to learn that I'm a little dog and he's only to play with dogs when his owners say it's ok.  I will have to learn to walk with him and to know when to stay away.

So until we get home, I guess I'll just have to lay here and look sad...just so mom and dad will play with me at night!!  Mom is still walking me twice a day!  Good thing...she's been eating out so much I think the walk does her good!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Here she goes again! never know what my mom is going to do.  Today she took me back to the vets just because I was having, what she thought, was a 'personal' issue!  So what if I decide I want to lick myself!  It's my body and I can do what I want!  NOT!  Guess mom thinks it's not so lady like to keep myself clean...anyway, off to the Dr. we go (again!)...turns out they SHAVED ME!!!  I mean really SHAVED me!!!  Then she tells mom to use baby wipes on me when I go potty!  REALLY!  Baby wipes!

So now we come back from the vets and mom wonders why I'm running around the house and sitting on my butt all the time!  you would too if you were 'naked' down there!  Talk about weird feeling!

So mom being the enterprising one of the family, decided the only way to keep me from sitting or 'licking' myself some more (because it now itches 'down there'!!)  was to either buy an E collar (whatever the heck that is! - I don't even like the sound of it!) or....she put this t-shirt on me!

Yea...for some reason, 'she' thought the T-shirt would fit over my hind legs and then knotted at my waste!  YEA!!!  OK, so it does keep me from 'licking' but REALLY...a T-shirt!!!  REALLY!!!
I am so embarrassed...but truth be told my 'bottom' does feel better...guess mom's do know best...I just wish she'd come up with other ways that wouldn't embarrass me as much!  Geeezzzzzz

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I know it's been awhile since I posted but mom has been so busy sewing that she hasn't left her laptop on for me to type (I can't use her phone to post...keys are way to small for me!).   Anyway, the other day some folks mom and dad know called to say they wanted to stop over with their dog...she just came from the beauty shop....her name is Fancy and she certainly is that..

I really like Fancy...mainly because she's white like me and smaller than me!

Mom said Fancy used to be a show dog and has her 'championship' but then she just made babies all the time after her showing.  Her mom and dad adopted her over a year ago and  Mom said she remembers how shy Fancy was when she found her new home...but she's not shy now!  She's one happy dog!!

It's hard to see our tails because we were both wagging them so much they are a blur in this picture!  I sure hope Fancy can come over again sometime and play.  We have a fenced in yard so it's safe for both of us.  Maybe mom and dad will kidnap Fancy and bring her home with us!!  I would like that!  I could be her big sister!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Note from the groomer

My mom thought this was really funny when she took me to the groomers the last time!  I don't get much of it but since it made mom happy, I thought it might make some of you smile too!