Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Here she goes again!

Geezzzz....you never know what my mom is going to do.  Today she took me back to the vets just because I was having, what she thought, was a 'personal' issue!  So what if I decide I want to lick myself!  It's my body and I can do what I want!  NOT!  Guess mom thinks it's not so lady like to keep myself clean...anyway, off to the Dr. we go (again!)...turns out they SHAVED ME!!!  I mean really SHAVED me!!!  Then she tells mom to use baby wipes on me when I go potty!  REALLY!  Baby wipes!

So now we come back from the vets and mom wonders why I'm running around the house and sitting on my butt all the time!  you would too if you were 'naked' down there!  Talk about weird feeling!

So mom being the enterprising one of the family, decided the only way to keep me from sitting or 'licking' myself some more (because it now itches 'down there'!!)  was to either buy an E collar (whatever the heck that is! - I don't even like the sound of it!) or....she put this t-shirt on me!

Yea...for some reason, 'she' thought the T-shirt would fit over my hind legs and then knotted at my waste!  YEA!!!  OK, so it does keep me from 'licking' but REALLY...a T-shirt!!!  REALLY!!!
I am so embarrassed...but truth be told my 'bottom' does feel better...guess mom's do know best...I just wish she'd come up with other ways that wouldn't embarrass me as much!  Geeezzzzzz

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