Sunday, June 30, 2013

This kid just won't stop!

Talk about exhausting!  Cody never stops!!!  So much so, he's ended up having to play ball by himself because I'm too tired to keep playing!  I'm sure not going to keep running around catching a dumb ball...and mom and dad are afraid he's going to have a heart attack from running so much so they stop throwing the ball!  Well, it doesn't stop this dog!  Sooooo  This is what the poor kid has to do - all by himself!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Chillin'

Yep...I'm just chillin'!  First of all, it's HOT,HOT, HOT no walks for us.  Even at 7 a.m. it's hot out.

Mom has been taking Cody and I back to his house to check on the cat that lives with Cody.  His name is Zorro.  I don't know if he wants to play with me or not.  Mom won't let me go see him.  She makes me sit on her lap or she closes the upstairs door until she's done checking on him.

We do get to sit and watch Zorro....I have a feeling she'll let me go visit with him before too long.  I love cats!  Anyway, that's about the only walking Cody and I have done the past day or so.  We did go for a walk at 7 a.m. on Sat. but that was the last time.  Sure hope it cools down!  I love and miss my walks.

Cody, not so much!  He either wants to sit on Dad's lap or play ball.  Boy, does he like to play ball!  Wears me out!  I am nice and most of the time I catch the ball....but....then I drop it for Cody to take back to dad to throw.  I'm a good playmate!!

Well, gotta go...time for another nap!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dog Pharmacy

 Mom said it looks like a dog pharmacy around here!  You see Cody is on medicine twice a day and so am I!

But that's keeps us healthy!  Mom took Cody and I for a walk @ 7 a.m.!  Good thing because it's really, really hot outside now...I don't like to walk when it's this hot and neither does mom (good thing!)...Cody and I are now resting but we'll get back to playing again real soon!

Yes, I'm getting tired of having my picture taken!!  Mom always has her camera or her phone camera on the ready!  Geezzzzz  You'd think she'd take a break once in awhile!

Friday, June 21, 2013


I had a really bad tummy ache this week so mom had to take me to the Dr.'s and I got two shots!  Really three because they gave me a water bubble shot too!  Mom said I must have eaten something but I'll never tell her what it was!  I am all better now and playing with my BFF, Cody!   Mom said I really stressed her out the past three days!  Mom got really upset that I was sick....I know I'm her baby but when you're sick you really get babied!  Love you mom!!!

Cody's mom and dad are travelling out west for two weeks so he's going to stay with us.  I like when Cody is here so we can play.  Although, sometimes he'll keep wanting to play ball and I'm too tired.  So I make dad play ball with him while I sit and watch.

I am nice to Cody and when mom throws the ball, I'll grab it first but then I drop it and let Cody take it back to mom!  I'm a good BFF!

Mom says we have to take a nap in the afternoon....actually, I don't mind and neither does Cody.

We're going for a walk after dinner.  Mom and I take two walks a day...Cody said he'll go with us too.  But mom said we have to take breaks so Cody doesn't get tired.  I'll like having a break too!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, mom is at it again!

So this was me back in 2011! at puppy class....and guess what!  We're going back to class again!!!  Geezzzz....I did really good the last come I have to go again!  Well, I found out wants me to be a therapy dog (like Mandy) so that means I have to pass lots of tests.

I have to have my Good Canine Citizen's certificate first then on to TDI (Therapy Dog International) testing.  Mom said it will be lots of fun as I'll get to see different people, places and even some kids.  Mom said it makes sick people feel good when they pet a dog.  And kids read out loud to me, while we sit on the floor.   I'll be getting lots of petting...although, I already get lots of petting so not sure why I have to go back to school!

Oh well...we had our first class last night and there are only big dogs in class!  WOW!  I think they were surprised to see a little dog in school!   I did pretty good and I remembered most of what I am suppose to do.  I'd do lots better if mom would remember what she's suppose to do.  But she'll learn soon enough!

The next pictures are in Amber's bedroom.  I was laying on her bed while she was getting dressed and cleaning her room on Wed.  I love Amber and Nick!  They take me outside, pet me lots and give me treats.  I also get to play with A.J. and Allie their cats.  I'm really tired when I get home on Wed. nights but it's worth  it.

So now mom and I have to go for a walk and practice our lesson we learned at school!  I am going to be the smartest dog ever!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Boy, sometimes I have to even stand on my head to get mom and dad to play with me!  This time I just put the toy on my head!  I finally did work!