Monday, February 27, 2012


Yep, I graduated (again!) from puppy class. It wasn't my "best" day mom said but I just wanted to sniff the ground and have fun so my heeling wasn't so good! I do so good at the sit/stay and down/stay but when it came time for the sit/stay for graduation, I decided one minute was too long to sit so I laid down! I had points deducted for that and I did great at my down/stay. BUT...I did get 100% for the recall and finish! I was the only dog that did the complete finish! So that was good.
Mom took lots of pictures so I'll have those to look at and remember the new friends I made. This first little girl is called Sassy and she took 1st place! Every week Sassy had on a new outfit! Mom never buys me outfits! Sassy is going to move on to the novice class!
It's hard to see but Mr. Will is walking his imaginary dog! He just wanted to show us what we had to do today to graduate! It was funny to watch him make his dog sit! Mr. Will belongs to Miss Letty and he does everything she tells him to! Miss Letty and Mr. Will were really nice and funny. I'm glad mom took us to their class and she said maybe next year we'll take another class from them! Miss Letty owns the Professional Dog Training center in Ocala.

This little girl and her dog Shanna were so much fun to watch. Mom would sometimes forget what to do because she was always watching Shanna! Shanna is 11 years old and her handler is only 5!

Sniffle, sad it's over but I'm sure mom will come up with something else for us to do. She said we'll take more classes when we get back home! Yippee! Oh, mom said to be sure to watch Shanna and her handler in the video!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Uncle Larry

This is my Uncle Larry! I just love Uncle Larry and Ms. Jan! They are the rich people who have two homes and they let my mom, dad and me stay in their house here in Ocala! I don't have any pictures of Ms. Jan but she is very beautiful and she smells so good all the time. Mom said she took some pictures last night when they all went out to dinner (I had to stay home!) so she'll put them on her blog in the next few days.

Of course, you know my friend, Fronzie! He was waiting for me again this morning to come see him. Which I did, and I ran, and ran and ran...and then mom had to bath my feet and face! I was just trying to get my fur the same color as Fronzie! BLACK! Oh well, I'll try again later!
Mom said tomorrow we graduate from puppy least she hopes we do. I'm doing really good at my sit/stay, down/stay and even my come command and finish. Mom thinks it's so cute when I do this last command. I just hope I remember tomorrow when they test us! I get nervous sometimes and forget what I'm suppose to do! Oh well, we can always take another puppy class!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I met my cousins!

I finally got to meet my 'cousins'! This is Sherry! She's only 4lbs. (that's what I weighed when I was first with mom and dad!). She may be little but she's one tough little dog! My mom said she was the spoiled/selfish little cousin but by the end of our visit, my mom said I was the spoiled/selfish cousin. I kept trying to take Sherry's chewie from her! It's ok...we still had fun chasing each other around the house!

And this handsome fellow is my cousin, Remy! Isn't he beautiful! And you should see him catch a ball! WOW! I was impressed. I'm not sure if he was showing off for me but....

This is Sherry and I playing tug of war. And this is me sitting with 'mother' (that's Nancy's mom). She liked me and I liked to jump up on her lap!

My mom's sister had a dinner for us but I was so tired so I slept under the table while the 'humans' ate their dinner. I still don't remember if I ate dinner or not! Seems like all we did was run or go for walks outside! This is me and my cousins resting!! I sure enjoyed my overnight visit and hope we get to do it again sometime!

Mom took a video (she really took LOTS of them!) of us running around so here's a peak at what we did most of the 24 hours! Now back to take another nap!! I'm pooped!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A day in my life

I found another neat place to perch! That's what my mom calls it. This is me laying on the bed in mom's 'fake' sewing room (that's what she calls it!).
I like to lay on the bed and look out the window while mom is sewing. Mom said her 'Mandy Girl' used to do the same thing. So I guess that's a good thing! It makes mom smile which is good.
Next week mom and I are going on our overnight trip to meet my cousin! I'm really excited and so is mom! Mom's sister has a house in Apollo Beach so that's where we're heading on Monday. Dad will fend for himself but he said that's ok. He won't be totally alone as we're leaving Gracie home to keep dad company!
And last but not least, here's Fonzie and I playing this morning. Mom was a little late getting the video as we had already played for five minutes! Whew! I was tired and yes, I was dirty!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's all about me!

Happy Valentine's Day!
One of my mom's 'bestest' friends, Susan, made this Valentine card for her...but I think it's really for me! After all, how many cards does my mom get that look like her! None that she's shown me! Thanks, Miss Susan!!!
Now I have to go find my Valentine candy! I just know there's some in this house hidden!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some of my favorite things to do

My mom does a lot of 'sewing' as she calls it. All I know is if she's doing the 'sewing thing' I can't sit on her lap. So I have to sit next to her, which is ok too. This is me sitting next to mom while she's beading (yea, that's something else she does).
My Aunt Carol likes to bring me toys and this was one she bought me a few weeks ago. I like to carry it in my mouth and squeak it while I run! I keep trying to take it outside but mom and dad won't let me.
This is my latest present from Aunt Carol. I love, love my pink bone! I toss it in the air and squeak it while I run (I love squeaking my toys!). Dad plays tug-of-war with me in the morning and night with my bone. We have so much fun!!
I'm not allowed to sleep with mom and dad but sometimes they put me up on their bed when mom is changing the sheets. Mom and dad's bed doesn't have any wire walls to it like my bed does! How cool is that! This was me one morning as I was getting ready to go outside. Mom always puts boots on me in the a.m. and late at night.
No, I didn't want to go out...I was quite happy just lying in the big bed without the wire walls! This is a cool bed! Maybe when I grow up I'll get to sleep in the big bed too!