Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some of my favorite things to do

My mom does a lot of 'sewing' as she calls it. All I know is if she's doing the 'sewing thing' I can't sit on her lap. So I have to sit next to her, which is ok too. This is me sitting next to mom while she's beading (yea, that's something else she does).
My Aunt Carol likes to bring me toys and this was one she bought me a few weeks ago. I like to carry it in my mouth and squeak it while I run! I keep trying to take it outside but mom and dad won't let me.
This is my latest present from Aunt Carol. I love, love my pink bone! I toss it in the air and squeak it while I run (I love squeaking my toys!). Dad plays tug-of-war with me in the morning and night with my bone. We have so much fun!!
I'm not allowed to sleep with mom and dad but sometimes they put me up on their bed when mom is changing the sheets. Mom and dad's bed doesn't have any wire walls to it like my bed does! How cool is that! This was me one morning as I was getting ready to go outside. Mom always puts boots on me in the a.m. and late at night.
No, I didn't want to go out...I was quite happy just lying in the big bed without the wire walls! This is a cool bed! Maybe when I grow up I'll get to sleep in the big bed too!

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