Sunday, January 29, 2012

And you think you have "problems"!

Yep...I turned out to be a "problem" (mom said this is dad's favorite word!) last night!! Dad took me out for my 'last potty' break but decided it would be fun to make me run and play!! "WRONG idea", said mom!
You see...I like to run under the bushes and around the yard where there isn't any bark or grass! Of course, it was a little damp last night and the dirt and mud stuck to my body!

Dad yelled to mom that I needed a bath! Mom told dad to wait until she got the camera (I think she was getting even with him by making him wait!) Well, that was a "problem" for dad because he didn't want to get dirty. Guess he didn't want mom to give him a bath too!

So I had to have a bath at 10:30 at night. Mom was laughing a lot so I guess it was a little funny for one of us!

I did get nice and clean and spent some time in my small crate while I got dried off. Actually, having a hot bath at night is kinda good! Makes you sleep really well! So did mom and dad!
My dirty body!
My dirty back feet!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Well, I'm not really hiding! I was playing with the container that holds some of my toys and I put my head in the bowl and laid down! Mom finally nudged me...she thought I was stuck but I wasn't.
See I'm out now!
This is me laying by the door waiting for my boyfriend to come out to play! I wrote about him before. His name is Fonzie and he's so much fun. You can see my bell that I ring when I want to go outside...either to see Fonzie, go potty or just to sit outside. I love being outside!! Although mom said I've had more baths since we been here than Mandy did all last winter. I'm not sure if that's good or bad! At least I'm always clean!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Cow!

You might not see the difference but I do! Mom bought me a new cow...he's on the right and I really don't call him a cow. I call him Buddy! That's because he goes with me everywhere and dad plays tug of war with me and Buddy every morning. Mom said my old Buddy was getting a little on the 'rough' side. I don't see it that way. It's taken me since Sept. to get Buddy in the shape I want him. But...I'm playing with new Buddy too. Sometimes I get confused on which Buddy I'm playing with but I guess that's ok! I'll love them both!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Earlier this week, mom said "we're going outside to sunbath"! Huh! Mom is always 'bathing' me because my feet get dirty but I sure didn't understand what sunbathing was all about. It's really a lot more fun than a normal bath, that's for sure! All you do is sit outside and let the sun 'wash' you! This is me sunbathing!

After awhile it did get too hot for me so I laid down in the shade. That was a lot better. I might not have been as clean as mom was (she sat and read while she sunbathed!) but I sure was relaxed. It might have been because I was tired...
Mom and dad let me play with my plastic bottle outside. I have two for outside play and one for inside play. Sometimes I get confused on which is which but mom keeps track for me. I love playing outside!! Just not so sure about the sunbathing part!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love smells!!!!

Mom took me to my puppy class here in Florida today! It sure was different from the first puppy class I took! This one was outside on the grass!!! Yippee!! I love being outside!!! And I just love all the smells.
Mom said she couldn't take any pictures of me because she was too busy trying to get my attention away from smelling everything! But the grass had lots and lots and lots of doggie smells. Our teacher said there are smells from cats, dogs, squirrels and all kinds of animals. I think I smelled half of them!! Mom said I smelled them ALL!
I did some things right when I smelled the roast beef mom had for me as my treat but it was hard to tear myself away from the smells in the grass!
Mom said she's taking me to the doggie park here to do my lessons. She thinks I'll get used to the "smells" but I don't think I'll ever get used to them! I LOVE, LOVE the smells! I have a really good nose and I want to put it to good use!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is me with my buddy, Fonzie! It was a misty day when mom took these pictures so I had on my rain coat and boots. We had already taken our walk so mom said to go play outside before she dried off the parts of me that aren't covered. I like playing in the back yard and I like walking in the spots that don't have grass. When we got here the grass was nice and green but because this place (called Ocala) only likes the sun, the grass turned brown and the flowers all died when we had a few days of cold weather. I don't care what the weather is so I'm happy wherever I'm at.

This is me lying on the floor in mom's sewing room. I like to be in the same room as mom but sometimes she goes from one room to the other. It's hard to keep track of her sometimes. That's when I just go in my crate and take a nap. She'll settle down eventually then I can be next to her.

Mom took a video of Fonzie and me greeting each other. Sometimes Fonzie will bark but I'm a good girl and don't bark at all. Mom said she doesn't want me to bark when I see another dog or when someone comes to the door. I do real good at that. BUT...I do bark when I'm playing with dad or sometimes when I'm playing outside and running around. Mom said that's ok.
So it's nap time and then mom is taking me on another walk. I guess she's going with a friend today so she wants to make sure I walk twice before she goes. Fine with me! Can't wait to see new sights and people!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

She's at it again!

Geeezzz...yep, mom is at it again! She just informed me that I'm going back to puppy school starting next Saturday! What's up with that! I thought I graduated! Mom said there are lots of different classes you can graduate from. I guess that's OK because I did like going to school and meeting new dogs. Mom said I'm doing great at all my obedience lessons but her memory isn't what it used to be so we're going to school (again) mainly for her benefit! Whew! Glad it's not because of me!
This is me waiting for dad to get home so we can go on a golf cart ride! Wow! That's fun. I sit on mom's lap and dad drives us all around the community. I like the wind in my hair and seeing all the sights. Sometimes they take me to the doggie park here in the community but I haven't seen or met but one little dog. Mom said that's just fine and I'll meet more dogs at school.
The last picture is the street I see from our front door. Mom and I go for walks down that street and sometimes we go off to the left or right. I never know which way we're going but I still like to walk.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another day in Florida!

This is my neighbor! I don't know his name so we just stare at each other. Once in awhile one of us will bark but usually we just sit and stare. Mom said it's ok to stare but no barking.

Of course I have my favorite places to sit and sleep. One is dad's lap, just like back home and I found a new place! It's under the coffee table! It's one of my favorite places!

I just love Florida! Mom is taking me to the bead shop with her...although, I don't think she's going to take me inside. She said I'm just going along for the ride. We are going to stop at the doggie park so I can run and play. Maybe I'll even see some other snow birds or dogs!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where are we?

I'm confused! Where are we exactly?? It was only 33 degrees @ 7:30 a.m. for my 1st walk of the day. Mom even put my coat on. I don't really need it but it makes mom feel better I guess. It sure was brisk out but the sun is shining so it only felt like 34 degrees!
I still like my walks and I don't really care if it's snowing, raining or sunny. It's more important for my mom but I think she's more of a fall weather girl. Mom took this video of me today too. She just loves it when I leave things I find in the street or just watch her. Life is so simple!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun in the sun

Mom is sure keeping me busy here in Florida! I don't mind it but I do get tired and take more naps than I used to! This is me in the outside room - mom and dad have a fancy name for it, Lani, but I just call it the outside room!
Mom and I played in the outside room today. Well, I played and she was playing with her beads and threads. I'm not allowed to play with them so I had to bring some of my own toys out to the outside room. I like laying on the tile's nice and cool after I've run in the yard and worked up a sweat!
This is me waiting for dad to come home from doing his golf thing. I don't know what the golf thing is. Mom said dad just likes to hit a little ball with a big stick. I don't know why he just doesn't run with the small ball out in the yard like I do. Guess I just can't figure out what these old people do all the time. Dad does take me and mom on a ride on his golf cart.

That's why I'm waiting for dad to come home! Mom has also taken me to the doggie park here in the community where we live. So far I haven't seen any dogs. Mom said we're either too early or too late but I think she's glad. She's afraid I'll want to play with them instead of listening to her. She does let me kinda run on the leash instead of our normal walks...those I have to be on her left side and walk real nice. I do it just to make her happy.
Mom took this video of me at the park today. Now it's time for our walk in the community so I have to run!