Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love smells!!!!

Mom took me to my puppy class here in Florida today! It sure was different from the first puppy class I took! This one was outside on the grass!!! Yippee!! I love being outside!!! And I just love all the smells.
Mom said she couldn't take any pictures of me because she was too busy trying to get my attention away from smelling everything! But the grass had lots and lots and lots of doggie smells. Our teacher said there are smells from cats, dogs, squirrels and all kinds of animals. I think I smelled half of them!! Mom said I smelled them ALL!
I did some things right when I smelled the roast beef mom had for me as my treat but it was hard to tear myself away from the smells in the grass!
Mom said she's taking me to the doggie park here to do my lessons. She thinks I'll get used to the "smells" but I don't think I'll ever get used to them! I LOVE, LOVE the smells! I have a really good nose and I want to put it to good use!

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