Thursday, January 19, 2012


Earlier this week, mom said "we're going outside to sunbath"! Huh! Mom is always 'bathing' me because my feet get dirty but I sure didn't understand what sunbathing was all about. It's really a lot more fun than a normal bath, that's for sure! All you do is sit outside and let the sun 'wash' you! This is me sunbathing!

After awhile it did get too hot for me so I laid down in the shade. That was a lot better. I might not have been as clean as mom was (she sat and read while she sunbathed!) but I sure was relaxed. It might have been because I was tired...
Mom and dad let me play with my plastic bottle outside. I have two for outside play and one for inside play. Sometimes I get confused on which is which but mom keeps track for me. I love playing outside!! Just not so sure about the sunbathing part!

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