Sunday, December 30, 2012

From This.....


I love the snow but I'm sure enjoying the grass again!  And I got to see my friend Fonzie too!!  He lives in the yard behind us.  We both have fenced in yards so we can't play with each other but we pretend alot by running around tossing our toys at each other! 

This was me this morning.  Mom and dad always get me out of my crate around 6 a.m. so I can lay in bed with them for awhile.  It's the best time of the day for me.  Sometimes I stay in bed while they get up and get their coffee.  Mom didn't let me sleep in long this morning cause we had lots to do today.  I'm suppose to get a bath but mom's still busy doing other things so it might be tomorrow, which is fine with me!

Well, gotta said we're going for a walk soon!!!  Yippee!!!  Then when dad gets home from golf we'll go for a golf cart ride!  That's the best yet!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My first Christmas present!

This is me with my 1st Christmas present!  Mom said I could open it today and not wait...just because I've been such a good girl lately! 

We got a box in the mail today that had all different presents.  Mom said they are from the kids in Indiana.  I remember them as they were here for Thanksgiving and they also have Big Ben, who I got to play with last year.  Ben didn't come this year cause the steps are too much for him and it's hard to get in and out of the car all the time.  You can see Ben here from my post last year.

Mom took me for a walk this morning but I had to wear my boots!  We had snow last night which I love!!  It tastes so good.  I have most of the snow eaten that was on the deck!  Now to work on the yard! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My 100th post!

Mom said this is the 100th time that I've put "my paws" to the keyboard! 
You'd think that mom would give me a big treat for doing so many posts but instead she's making me lay on the chest in her sewing room rather than her sewing table!  What's up with that!  Mom said she has to cut fabric today and there's not enough room for me and for her to cut!  I don't know why she can't cut on the chest and let me stay on the sewing table.  I figure if I give her the sad look enough she might give in!  Let's hope!  Oh, if you look real close you can see some snow outside!  I love snow and love to lick it off the patio!  Yum!!! 
Well, have to go now.  Mom said she'll take me down to the mail box for a quick walk! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Riding shot gun with mom!

I always get to ride shot gun with mom!  I wear my seat belt but I can 'sorta' sit up and look around!  I love going for rides.  Where do you sit when you go with  your mom?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A peak into my life!

I thought it would be fun for my readers to see what some days in my week are like! 

 Of course, I love sitting on dad's lap at night watching TV! 

Especially if this big guy is on!  Is he handsome or what!  I had to get up close and personal for a good look!

I was really sad when the show was over!  But I still dream about him from time to time!

Some days mom takes me for a ride!  This is me while we were at the drive thru of the bank.  That's when I like to sit up and look out the window.

The nice lady at the bank gives my mom some cookies for me! 

I'm waiting patiently for my cookies.  And yes, my mom has my doggie harness on me in the car.  The seat belt attaches to it so I don't fall off the seat.  Mom said we always have to wear our seat belts.  And she always puts on my collar with my tags...just in case.  She's such a worry wart!!

This is me "waiting" again for my mom.  We're downstairs in the family room while she's decorating the tree.  I forgot about all this stuff from last year!

Only problem it takes mom all day to dress the tree!!  Don't know why she does that...but she's always so happy and keeps saying how nice the house looks when it's decorated!  Hmmmmmm

Mom did play crate & my puzzle games with me in between all her decorating!  This is me just sitting and waiting for the 'words' "go find it"  or "crate". 

"Find it" means I have to run all over the room looking for dog treats!  Geezzzz  Sometimes it's hard work! 
"Crate" is kinda the same thing...when  mom says that word, I have to run and go sit in my crate!  Then she makes me wait up to 5 minutes (which is a long time for a dog!) before she gives me the "ok" command.  "ok" means I can come out of the crate and get a treat! 

Sometimes it's hard being me!, all that running around just for a treat, but then I get to watch TV and go with mom on rides so in the end it's not all that bad.  I hope you enjoy a peak into some of my days!  I know I had fun (for the most part!). 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love Halloween!

I love Halloween!  I still don't know what that word means other than lots and lots of kids came to see me!  Something else that I didn't understand was I had to wear clothes!  Mom put a T-shirt on me.  I didn't think I was scary! 

Anyway, we had lots of kids come and mom rewarded them with treats for coming to see me!  She had a big basket of treats for the kids. Wasn't that nice of her!
Mom gave me treats too, because once the kids left she would tell me to go back in my crate, which I did because I'm a good girl.  I never barked once when the kids knocked on the door or rang the door bell! 

For some reason, by the end of the hour (that's called the Trick or Treat hour!), mom and dad had tears in their eyes.  I thought they were sad because the "hour" was over with...but mom said it was because I was such a good girl!  Go figure!  That was easy!  Now I know how to make mom cry!  OK, I'll not do that very often...I'll make sure to be the wild and crazy dog she knows and loves! 

This was me waiting for the kids to come see me!
Mom video taped me at the door seeing my company!  I was so good and never went past the open door.  I stayed beside mom the whole time!  I think mom was afraid I'd go through the door...she sure over used the word "stay" but that's ok.  I wasn't going to go anywhere! 

I can't wait for next Halloween!!!  Maybe kids will come back again to visit me!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What! A Quilted Tail!?

Sometimes mom gets in my 'space'!  I like to lay up on mom's sewing table and then I sneak behind her sewing machine. 

Mom was sewing away the other day and almost quilted my tail!  She picked me up and said "get your tail out of the way or I'm going to quilt it!".    WHAT!  Quilt my tail!  Yikes!  Guess I'm going to have to be more careful where my tail is! 

Or else mom is going to have to get another place to sew!  This is my favorite place because I can look out the window and watch dogs and people walk by in our neighborhood.  But  I'm going to have to keep one eye on mom too!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


My mom can be so strange at times!  I thought we were going to go back to rally class or training sessions but....guess mom is afraid of the dark!!  Mom had an email from Mary Jo from Custom Dog Training but the only class is on Thursday's @ 6:30 p.m.  Mom said she doesn't want to drive in the dark!  What's up with that! 

Doesn't she know that dogs see very well in the dark!  Well, I do at least!  I can spot a rabbit in our yard or a deer walking along the fence line as quick as anything!  I could help guide my mom to class...but she said "no".  Guess there's always a chance of snow falling or ice on the roads too....the weather doesn't bother me either.  I love being outside even in the snow, rain, sun...whatever!  I think my mom is a wimp.  She said she's just getting old...I think I might have to agree with her! 

So mom bought a book and now she's teaching me dog tricks!  I am having fun at night learning the tricks but I just know I'd have more fun at class with other dogs.  Mom said we'll go back to class next spring.  That's a promise I'm going to make sure she keeps!  Dogs never forget either!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My weekend!

I got to spend some time with my bud, Cody, this weekend!  

Now I'm going to rest with mom and dad.  They are going to "settle in and watch football"...that's what my mom said.  Guess it will be another boring day without Cody!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

 My mom hasn't been on the computer a lot lately so I haven't had much of a chance to get my 'paws' on the computer I'm behind in posting! 

A few weekends ago Amber stayed overnight with us and we even had Cody stay as well! 
I still don't know where Amber or I fall on the 'family tree'.  Mom said she is her grand daughter...wonder what that makes her to me!  My friend at least!

Amber loves taking us for walks so off we went for one of many walks! 

Yes, that is a dish on the ground and Cody and I are taking a water break!

Amber brought a bag with her that had water and a bowl so we could stop and drink.  Wasn't that nice of her!  She said it was her 'medical' kit in case Cody needed anything!  Cody has some health issues but is doing really well but we don't like to walk a long way without resting. 

Amber carried Cody but no one carried me!  That's ok.  Mom said I need to lose weight so guess I won't be getting carried anytime soon! 

This is Zorro another one of Cody's room mates.  I love cats but I've never met Zorro!  Maybe someday I'll get to meet him.  Amber was lucky enough to feed Zorro a treat!  Treat!!  Even the word makes me drool!!  Guess I better see if mom is getting me a treat!  Or dinner!!  Or anything to eat!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everyone knows that I love my mom lots!  I mean really love her lots!  But some things she doesn't do very well.  Like take pictures! 

This is a picture of our street!  I don't know why she took it but she did.  I guess for a picture of a 'street' it's pretty good but A STREET!?  Why?

And this is a picture of Cody from behind!  BEHIND!  Getting my drift on the bad picture taker!!!

And this is me!  OK, part of me!  Are you getting the drift of this post!  I'm so pretty but mom only got 3/4's of me in the picture!  My best part if my side view with my tail as it lays over my back! 

Well, hold on to your hat!  Wait until you see the quick, and I mean quick, video mom took while we were walking yesterday! 

Oh well...I'm sure there are some dog mom and dad's that don't take any pictures!  And they probably don't even have their own blog!  So guess I'll go and give mom a big, wet kiss and hug!  I do love her even if she's a bad photographer (I know that's a big word but I heard her say it before!). 

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm still here!

Yes, I'm still here and doing a lot of sleeping, playing, eating and keeping mom and dad busy!!  We are back walking at least twice a day up to a mile each time.  I love meeting other dogs and people on my walks.  Mom said I'm a good dog as I don't bark at all the other dogs in the neighborhood.  They like to bark at me but I just look up at mom and keep my mouth shut!  Well, I do open it so mom gives me a little treat of cheese!

Mom is going to start me back to rally class with Mary Jo as soon as she gets some "medical" issues resolved!  I don't know what's up with the "medical" issues so as long as it doesn't have anything to do with me going to the vet, I'm OK with it!  

I'v been playing with Cody as much as mom will let me.  We even went for a walk with Cody and his mom the other night.  That was fun!  He's my best buddy, next to dad!  He's over at the house today so we're going to have a play day!! 

Gotta run!!  Cody is waiting for me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And mom says I have a bad leg!

I don't feel like I have a bad leg!  Mom said she's going to get me back to classes with Miss MaryJo.  She said if I can run like this, I can go to doggie class!  I'm excited! 

Cody and I have to chill out after playing so hard! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We're hunting for what???

I never know where mom is going to drag, I mean, take me!  This past Wednesday, which is our 'watching kids' day, I was put in a wagon!  What!  A wagon?  Why?  We were looking for something so Mom said I might have to walk too far and it was too hot so I settled in.  It really was kind of nice since I could just sit and watch people and other dogs (they were walking!).  I'm sure the people (& dogs!) made fun of me in the wagon but mom said I'll never see them again so not to let it bother me. 

Anyway, mom said they were looking for a buried treasure!  I don't know about treasures...I just know that I try to hide my rawhide chews in our house.  I don't take them outside to hide!  Oh was a fun day but I sure was pooped when I got home!  I just wanted to be left alone to suck my foot.  Mom said someone told her I have 'issues' because I suck my foot!  I don't have issues...I just like to suck my foot!  It helps me to sleep!  And after 'watching kids' and 'hunting for treasures' I need my rest!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another new playmate!

This is my new playmate!  Not sure why, but Mom said he couldn't come in the house to play.  I was sitting on mom's sewing table and my friend came to say hi!
I didn't know what it was at first so I had to get a closer look!
 I had fun watching my new friend and trying to get him to play.  He did fly away after awhile...I just hope he comes back.  I'll have to keep a good watch when I'm on the table.

Today I go to the doggie beauty shop.  Mom says I look pretty shaggy!  Mom does my hair in Florida but in Michigan she let's me go to the real beauty shop about once a month.  In between mom does 'cleanups' on me...that's what she calls it when she washes my front and back ends!! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tiime with my friend!

I got to spend some time with my friend, Cody, this week!  This is Cody sleeping next to my mom while she was beading.  I don't know why Cody doesn't jump up on her beads like I do!  I thought we are suppose to grab the beads of play with them!  I guess Cody is just too old to play that game with my mom.  

Mom was making something again.  I thought it was a collar for me but it's not.  Mom wears her collars on her wrist!  Humans are silly about so things!

This is Cody and me running around the house.  We like to chase each other.  Mom was worried I might hurt my leg but it doesn't bother me. 
She did  make us quit, which was good because it pooped me out!  It's hard chasing a boy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playtime with Cody

Cody came to play!!  Mom and I just got back from a day with Nick!  Amber had basketball camp so it was just Nick, mom and me!  We had a quiet day cause Nick wasn't feeling so good.  He's had some kind of "flu" mom said.  i don't know what it is but from the sounds of it, I don't want it! 

When we got home Cody was ready to play!
Of course we have to keep watch on the back yard!  Mom said we do good work!  Because we all had a busy day, mom said no walk tonight.  We will take our walk in the morning and again at night tomorrow.  That's ok!  I'm tired from playing with the cats today too!  This is me and Alley taking a rest!  I love Alley and A.J.!  They are the best cats!
Well, off to take a quick nap! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Hanging Around!

This is me just hanging around!  I do get bored from time to doesn't like me to lie on top of the edge.  I'm not sure why!  She makes me get off the top of the couch so this is the only way I can look out the front door (without lying on the floor!). 

This is me just keeping an eye out for dogs who walk in front of the house on our street!

Mom's in the kitchen so I can watch her at the same time!  Works for me!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

PLEASE, Mom!  Can't we go to Rally class!!  I'm so bored!!!

Mom and dad have been taking really good care of me with my bum leg!  But it's getting a little boring...same old...same old thing every day.  Although, mom has been taking me for small walks.  She said because she has to carry me up and down the stairs to go potty, I'm not getting any exercise.  She thinks it's good to keep the muscles moving at least.  Thank goodness for that!  At least we get to walk around the yard or if it's cool enough then we'll walk in our sub.  She won't take me up and down the hills yet but that's ok.  I get out of the house and get to smell all those doggie smells out there!  Sometimes I even pick up some trash from the street (I'm not a litter bug myself!) but mom makes me drop it.  Don't know why she doesn't just pick it up and throw in the trash.  She always does this 'icky' face.  I'll keep trying to get her to pick up litter! 

So for another week or two guess this will be me.  Just sitting around trying to make mom and dad feel guilty so they'll at least hold me!  Works for me!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Poor me

This is me helping mom sew the other day.  Actually, I didn't help much...I was just holding the fabric still for her but it wasn't exactly what she wanted me to do.  But mom doesn't care as long as I'm with her during the day.  Which I will be doing a whole lot more of!  I hurt my back leg the other day and now the joint is poping in and out!  Weird for sure!
Mom took me to the doggie Dr. today and he said to keep me from jumping up or going up steps and just take it easy.  I'm not really in any pain unless I twist my leg and it pops out!  Sometimes I might yelp but mainly I just walk funny and then it pops back in and I'm fine again! 

Mom is really disappointed because we won't be going to Rally class for a few weeks!!  I'm bummed too because I really like Mary Jo and all the folks over at Custom Dog Training!!  But we will be back I know 'cause my mom takes good care of me. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm all grown up now

This used to be my buddy when I was really little!  Mom and dad said I'm just getting way to big now....what do you think?  This is me on September 8th, 2011!

And this is me on July 6th, 2012!

I'm all grown up now!!!