Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A peak into my life!

I thought it would be fun for my readers to see what some days in my week are like! 

 Of course, I love sitting on dad's lap at night watching TV! 

Especially if this big guy is on!  Is he handsome or what!  I had to get up close and personal for a good look!

I was really sad when the show was over!  But I still dream about him from time to time!

Some days mom takes me for a ride!  This is me while we were at the drive thru of the bank.  That's when I like to sit up and look out the window.

The nice lady at the bank gives my mom some cookies for me! 

I'm waiting patiently for my cookies.  And yes, my mom has my doggie harness on me in the car.  The seat belt attaches to it so I don't fall off the seat.  Mom said we always have to wear our seat belts.  And she always puts on my collar with my tags...just in case.  She's such a worry wart!!

This is me "waiting" again for my mom.  We're downstairs in the family room while she's decorating the tree.  I forgot about all this stuff from last year!

Only problem it takes mom all day to dress the tree!!  Don't know why she does that...but she's always so happy and keeps saying how nice the house looks when it's decorated!  Hmmmmmm

Mom did play crate & my puzzle games with me in between all her decorating!  This is me just sitting and waiting for the 'words' "go find it"  or "crate". 

"Find it" means I have to run all over the room looking for dog treats!  Geezzzz  Sometimes it's hard work! 
"Crate" is kinda the same thing...when  mom says that word, I have to run and go sit in my crate!  Then she makes me wait up to 5 minutes (which is a long time for a dog!) before she gives me the "ok" command.  "ok" means I can come out of the crate and get a treat! 

Sometimes it's hard being me!, all that running around just for a treat, but then I get to watch TV and go with mom on rides so in the end it's not all that bad.  I hope you enjoy a peak into some of my days!  I know I had fun (for the most part!). 

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