Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We're in Florida!

Yep...we are back in Florida.  Really we've been here since December 29th but mom is so busy she doesn't have time to write on our blog much!
Gigi is doing well here in Florida except she's getting really nasty with other dogs that walk or bark at us.  So, mom is going to take her to doggie school!  Woo hoo...glad it's not me!  I'm being the best dog I can be!  That's what mom says!
Gigi and I are having a good time with our walks (most of the time!), golf cart rides and mom takes us with her if it cool outside, for rides in the car.  She opens the sun roof for us if she stops somewhere.
We were helping mom blow out the candles n her BD cake!

Can you see two dogs!  Gigi likes to sleep next to me.

I get tired from all those walks.

Gigi gets tired too
And of course we have to play tug!