Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first Thanksgiving!

What fun I had this Thanksgiving week!!! I got to meet Ben! Ben belongs to Ian's family from Indiana and he is a big boy! He weighs 105 lbs. but mom says he's a "gentle giant". I really liked Ben and I had fun with all the other company we had at the house too!
Mom took some video's of me (mom put them below) trying to get Ben to play. Ben has what they call arthritis which means he can't run and play like I do but he did 'walk' me around the coffee table!
I was so tired after our company left that I fell asleep on top of my Frisbee! I've slept a lot today too. I'm sure I'll be rested up soon and start running mom and dad around the house or coffee table!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My first grooming!

This is Angela and she's my newest best friend!! Mom took me to Angela today for my first 'hair' appointment! I thought we were going to see our Vet friend (Angela works in the same building as my Vet) but mom said, no, I was having my first grooming! I wasn't quite sure what that meant as mom does my hair, baths me and cleans me up in the bathroom sink. Wow! This grooming thing sure is different from our bath time! But I love Angela! She's the best!! I guess Angela used to take care of the Mandy dog that used to live here too. Mom said no one can do a doggies hair like Angela.

This is me early this morning before I did the 'grooming' thing!

And this is me after I had my day at the doggie spa! Dad said I now look more like a Bichon! I think that's a compliment! Mom said she loves my little feet trimmed better than anything. Mom and dad sure are silly about how I look!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I graduated!

My diploma!
Mom and me graduated from puppy class!! Yippee!!

Boy did mom and me have fun at our last puppy class Wed. night!!! They had us run recall races with each other! I got to run next to Oscar my little Yorkie buddy in class. I did real good at coming back to mom when she called me! One time the trainer was holding me at one end of the huge yard and I slipped out of my harness! But because I'm trained so good, I just raced and raced back to mom and sat right in front of her. Everyone laughed and said we entertained them and mom said I did good.
Next we go to play some agility games with a big tunnel! I was first to run through the tunnel and I did it real fast and never looked back! I ran to mom and she gave me good treats. The trainer stayed at one end and mom went to the other end of the tunnel until it was 20 feet long! That's a long way for me to run through but I never hesitated at all (one BIG black dog was scared but not me!). It was so much fun! then the trainer made an 'L' shape with the tunnel so I couldn't see my mom at the end but I knew she was there! I could hear her calling me so I ran as quick as I could! Again, mom said I did great! I really liked this agility stuff! Maybe mom will do that with me when I get bigger!
Of course I was really, really tired when we got home so I jumped up in dad's chair to take a rest! Dad had to sit on the couch but that's good for him to sit in different places! Oh, yea, I forgot to say I can jump up on mom and dad's chairs now. But I'm only allowed to do this if they say it's ok. I try to sneak some naps when they aren't's ok...I'm a puppy remember! I have a puppy brain so I don't remember everything yet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some of my day(s)...

Mom and I have been busy as usual. She's either trying to get me to do my lessons or I follow her around when she does this 'cleaning' thing. I don't get to help her but I like to watch her. sometimes I get bored so I get my favorite toy, Buddy, and we just play together.
This is my place to sit or sleep when mom and dad eat their food. They don't want me to jump up on them or beg for their food. I've never had their food and I don't think I want to. They use these 'metal' things to eat with! I'll stick to eating out of my metal bowls! That's a lot easier.
This was me last Thursday playing in 'snow'! I didn't know what snow was. I thought mom put white pieces outside for me to play with! I don't mind the cold so it was fun to run and try to eat the snow. Mom said to "get ready" because soon she said there will be lots of white stuff to play in. She also said to enjoy it because soon we'll be in a different house where they don't have snow. It's called "Florida". I don't know what "Florida" is but I'm sure it's nice if mom likes it.
Yes, I even did my bathroom activity outside in the snow. It was kinda cold on my backside but I don't mind that much.
Tonight is my last puppy class and mom said we should graduate tonight! I'm going to miss going to see the nice trainers and all the other dogs. Mom said when we get back from the Florida house that we're going to go to class again. I can't wait! Gotta go rest now so I'm ready for my graduation tonight!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waiting to go to puppy class takes my mom so long to get 'us' ready for puppy class on Wednesday's. She puts my puppy taxi up on the counter then she gets her coat and purse and other stuff together. All I can do is stare up at my taxi on the counter! I'm all ready to go! I'm hoping to get her attention when I do the 'stare' but...
that doesn't work so then I lay down in front of her and give her the 'stare'! I love going in my crate and going for rides in the car!
Finally!!! Mom puts the crate on the floor and I jump right I have still have to wait for her to close it up and put me in the car! It's just a big old waiting game on Wednesday's!
I love my mom but I guess because she's old it just takes her a long time to get us ready!
We only have one more week of puppy class and I'm going to be sad. I love seeing all the people and the dogs! Maybe when we get back from Florida mom said we'll do another class. You know I have to be well behaved to become a therapy dog. Mom said it's going to take a year but we'll make it!! Aren't mom's the best! They always believe in you! But they are slow...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A day at puppy class

Dad came to watch me at my puppy class this week! I tried to do really good so he would be proud of me especailly since he was taking pictures and video's!

In this picture I was cheating! I was suppose to lie down and stay...but I kinda squated! I knew what I was suppose to do but mom had some really good treats so I thought I'd just sneak a bite!
I did end up doing my sit/stay and down/stay good!

Sometimes I start to get tired before the class is over with so I'll just lie down. Mom said that's ok as long as I get back up and do the lesson.
This was me doing the 'watch me' command. That's where you are suppose to just stare at whoever has your leash! I think it's kinda dumb but I always get a treat when I do the 'stare' so that's what I do. I sit and stare or I walk and stare! Silly isn't it!
Here are two video's dad took. One is of me smelling the floor and mom dragging me to get my attention. This is the 'down/stay' command and I did finally do it good enough for a treat! The 2nd video is where Diane, the head trainer, took me out in the middle of the class to do a demo. We were being taught the 'leave it' command. That's where someone teases you by dropping a good treat on the ground but you aren't allowed to eat it! Isn't that mean! Mom said I have to learn this command if I want to be a Therapy Dog like Mandy was. She doesn't want me to eat someone's pills in the nursing home! I guess that makes sense but still...I love my treats!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I do love Halloween!! I didn't know what this word meant or what the day was all about but I sure found out quick! It's a day that different, strange looking little people come to your house! They all greet you by saying "trick or treat". I know the word "treat" because mom says that to me all the time but I'm still not sure about the "trick" part. I don't know any tricks yet but I'm sure mom will teach me those at some point too!
Anyway, this is me all dressed up in my Halloween outfit (mom said you have to dress up like the other little people). I was really good when the little people came to the door. Sometimes they would ring the door bell and that's when mom would tell me "get in your crate" so I would! That's where I'm suppose to sit when someone comes to the front door. I don't always do that but on Halloween night I did REALLY good! I won't tell mom but at first I just wasn't sure what was happening so that big crate looked pretty good to me! It's my safe place, you know!
This is dad and me waiting for the door bell to ring. Sometimes the little people would just knock on the door and then they would yell out "trick or treat".
Dad just loves to have me 'sit'...he does this a lot! So I 'sit' just to make him happy.
This is me when the door bell rang and mom said "crate"!
This is dad and me waiting again.
It did get boring at times, so I would just lay in my crate and wait for the next group of little people to stop by. Mom and dad would reward the little people for coming to the house and give them a "treat" of candy. Mom said they gave out 199 treats. No wonder I was tired! That was a lot of little people for me to say hello to!
This is what some of the little people looked like! Aren't they funny! I wasn't even scared because mom told me ahead of time they wouldn't look like any kids I have seen before.
I can't wait for the next Halloween day!!! I just hope I get more treats next time! All I got was pieces of turkey franks!