Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My first grooming!

This is Angela and she's my newest best friend!! Mom took me to Angela today for my first 'hair' appointment! I thought we were going to see our Vet friend (Angela works in the same building as my Vet) but mom said, no, I was having my first grooming! I wasn't quite sure what that meant as mom does my hair, baths me and cleans me up in the bathroom sink. Wow! This grooming thing sure is different from our bath time! But I love Angela! She's the best!! I guess Angela used to take care of the Mandy dog that used to live here too. Mom said no one can do a doggies hair like Angela.

This is me early this morning before I did the 'grooming' thing!

And this is me after I had my day at the doggie spa! Dad said I now look more like a Bichon! I think that's a compliment! Mom said she loves my little feet trimmed better than anything. Mom and dad sure are silly about how I look!

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