Friday, November 18, 2011

I graduated!

My diploma!
Mom and me graduated from puppy class!! Yippee!!

Boy did mom and me have fun at our last puppy class Wed. night!!! They had us run recall races with each other! I got to run next to Oscar my little Yorkie buddy in class. I did real good at coming back to mom when she called me! One time the trainer was holding me at one end of the huge yard and I slipped out of my harness! But because I'm trained so good, I just raced and raced back to mom and sat right in front of her. Everyone laughed and said we entertained them and mom said I did good.
Next we go to play some agility games with a big tunnel! I was first to run through the tunnel and I did it real fast and never looked back! I ran to mom and she gave me good treats. The trainer stayed at one end and mom went to the other end of the tunnel until it was 20 feet long! That's a long way for me to run through but I never hesitated at all (one BIG black dog was scared but not me!). It was so much fun! then the trainer made an 'L' shape with the tunnel so I couldn't see my mom at the end but I knew she was there! I could hear her calling me so I ran as quick as I could! Again, mom said I did great! I really liked this agility stuff! Maybe mom will do that with me when I get bigger!
Of course I was really, really tired when we got home so I jumped up in dad's chair to take a rest! Dad had to sit on the couch but that's good for him to sit in different places! Oh, yea, I forgot to say I can jump up on mom and dad's chairs now. But I'm only allowed to do this if they say it's ok. I try to sneak some naps when they aren't's ok...I'm a puppy remember! I have a puppy brain so I don't remember everything yet!

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