Thursday, December 19, 2013

I love snow!!!

For some reason, I don't remember snow last winter!  Maybe we didn't have that much...we sure have a lot of it now and I love it!!!

I'm not so crazy when Mom makes me wear my booties outside for a walk, but at least I get to go outside!

Sometimes I take my ball or toys outside and make mom come out to get them!  And the best part is running hard as I can in the snow and using my head as a shovel!  What fun!

This is me in the back seat...if mom is running into a store, she won't let me loose up front because I open the door lock!  So she makes me stay in the back so I can run around or look out the window(s).  But then she always puts me back in my seat belt when we are driving (mom drives NOT me!).
I sure love riding in the car but when we travel to Florida I have to ride in my crate...that's ok.  I sit high up and can look out the window so I guess it's not so bad.  I just hope we have some snow I can play in when we take potty breaks!!!  Mom said she hopes we don't!  Sometimes she can be a spoil sport!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Riding with mom!

Mom and I did some errands today!  I have to keep an eye out for, I just love going for rides!  It wasn't really snowing inside the car!  This is my mom playing around!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What about me!

So mom keeps taking pictures of other dogs to put on my blog!  What's up with that!  This is Brody and he's the newest member of the family.  I haven't met him yet because mom said it was too wet out yesterday and she had lots of errands to guess I won't meet him until next week!

It just looks to me like he has really, really big feet!!!  I'm not so sure about that!  Although, it didn't seem to bother dad much!  This is Brody and dad playing!

Looks to me like Brody just sleeps a lot or hangs on people!  That's ok...just hope he doesn't hang on me!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Meet Logan!

Mom takes me over to visit with Cody and Logan.  I don't think mom has posted any pictures of him so I thought I'd do it for her!  This is Logan!  Doesn't he have a big tongue!!  He's another gentle giant!
Logan likes for mom to throw the ball (or any toy!) so he can play fetch!  He never gets tired!  I get tired just watching them!
so this is what I do when we come home!  REST!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I was sick....

Yes, I was sick this week and had to go to the emergency clinic for dogs on Thursday!  I even had to get two shots and x-rays!  But I am better now...
Actually I wasn't sick when mom took this picture...I was sleeping on the floor and dad covered me up so I just stayed where I was!  Yes, sometimes I 'milk' being sick because I get extra cuddles from mom and dad!!  Mom always said I was smart!  Yep, I am!

So Cody came for a sleepover last night and we had to play today!  This was us waiting for dad to throw the ball!
Mom was in the family room putting up the Christmas tree and decorations so Cody and I started to run around all the boxes!  What fun!  Guess I don't look so sick now do I??

Monday, November 11, 2013

The things my mom has me do!

 Sometimes mom puts boots on me so my feet don't get dirty!  WHAT!  I'm a feet are suppose to get dirty, right..
Of course I don't mind that mom puts me in a car seat!  I love riding shot that's OK!

 Of course, mom has to always dress me up!  Geezzz

 And she likes to take pictures of me in 'not so lady like poses'!

Then she makes me sit next to a statue just to see how big I am!  Now that's just plain cruel!

Well, yes, I do take naps!!!


This was a fun thing mom had me do!!  I love running in and out of the tunnel!!!

And yes, I admit it!!!  I like to take Snoopy outside with me!!!  I don't want to be alone!

And this is mom's latest 'tease' for me!  She hides treats in little pieces of fabric then stuffs the fabric inside a ball!!

Mom likes to see me struggle to get my treats...but to tell the truth it was lots of fun!!!

And today, one of mom's friends (who is a dog trainer) was teaching me how to roll over!!  I just never know what mom is going to do next with me or have me do next!!!

I just wanted to share some of my life with mom and dad!!  I'm a lucky dog after all!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dress up time!

For some reason, I guess moms dress their kids and dogs up for Halloween!  And my mom is no different!  This is what she put me in today!  A maid's outfit!
I was kinda embarrassed so I hid in my bed in mom's sewing room!

But once the kids started coming to the door and they were dressed up I didn't feel so funny!

This was me waiting for the kids to come!

I had to keep my eyes open so I wouldn't miss them

Mom did take my costume off after awhile

This is me helping dad!

Mom and dad said I was really good.  I don't bark at the kids and don't even try to go out the door!  

Wonder what I'll be dressed up as next year!  I think I'm kinda getting into this dress up thing!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I do best! (Along with dad!)

I was quite comfortable.....

Until Mom woke me up!

Then she made me go outside for a walk in the rain!
And yes, if you look real close at my back foot I have a rain boot on!
I lost the front one but Mom found it!  She hates when my feet get wet!

Friday, October 25, 2013


This is Bella!  Bella belongs to the lady whose house mom and her friends stayed at last weekend.
Mom says Bella is a girly, girl!  I'm not sure what that means other than she can cross her legs!  Mom always tells me I'm a Tom Boy!
Bella does look like a lady doesn't she..I think Bella and I would have fun together but I might have taught her to be a Tom Boy!  But then again, she might have taught me how to cross my legs when I sit! Maybe then mom would call me a "girly girl"...nah, I don't think so....

Bella's mom did invite  me to come for the weekend, but Mom said she wanted "alone" time!  What's up with that!

 I don't know why mom had to go to someone elses house to sew!  She does that here all the time!  Mom said I would be OK and it was good for dad to take care of me...well, I think I really took care of dad!  He did walk me 3 times ...I tried to keep  him busy by making dad let me outside about four times an hour (at least!), in addition to my walks.  I wanted to keep him busy so he wouldn't miss mom.

And we had playtime in bed at night!  OK, so one night, dad put me in my crate!  I don't know why he didn't want to play!  He wouldn't even chase me around the house.

Mom said it would be easier for her to leave us next time she wants to go somewhere!  Guess I'll have to try and change her mind on that too!  No crossing my legs and no more going without me!  Well, at least the first thing isn't going to happen!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My mom is lazy!

Yes, sometimes, mom is lazy but I still love her!  She said she's going to watch the Lion's she doesn't want to take time out to upload some of my video's here.  If you want to see what I've been doing you can go to my mom's blog here!    OK, sometimes I'm lazy too!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Deep in thought

I just knew we wouldn't get to go for a walk in the rain!!!  Maybe tomorrow Snoopy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My cousin, Sherry!

This is my cousin, Sherry!  I didn't know all mom's dress up their dogs!  I thought just my mom did that!  Nope!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

So what have I been up to!!


Walking with my buddy!

Riding shotgun with mom!

resting with a friend

Playing with my toys!
And more sniffing!

Well, what else is there too do!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

More playtime with Cody!

Yep..Cody is having an overnight with us tonight!!  Yippee!!!  He's my BFF!  We have so much fun together!  But he does wear me out!  Mom says she likes it when Cody is here because we don't have to take two walks a day!  It's cause I run around so much with Cody!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tunnel, Jump, Tire & Table!

I love dog school!!!  Mom and I had SO much fun last night!!  This is the type of tunnel I got to go through!

Not only did I go through the tunnel but I came running out of the tunnel and over a jump and through a tire and up on a table!!!!

Mom and I were so was really happy because she didn't know if I would or could do the jumps but I did.  Our trainer, Felicia, just told mom how to get me over the first jump and I did so good, she put the tire after the jump.  I did that so good that Felicia added a table.
The first time mom had to help me up on the table because sometimes my back legs don't work quite right...but after the first time, I was able to jump up on the table and sit perfectly!  
Mom said if we do that again sometime this summer, she's going to ask someone in the class to take a video of us.  I sure hope we get to do it again.  I love this stuff!!!  And I want to make mom happy and proud of me!  Right now she sure is proud!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Catch me if you can! PLEASE!

Mom took this video of Cody and me playing CHASE!  I love having Cody around.  Mom is trying to talk dad into getting me a little sister or even an older sister!  Not sure it will in the meantime I'll just keep playing with Cody.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sad face (NOT!)

Well, guess you can tell this isn't me in the picture ..maybe I should have put a sad face of my mom on this post instead!
You see, Mom made me take the Good Canine Citizen test on Thursday and I did SO good with all my commands!!   Mom said she was so proud of me! BUT....I'm not good when my mom goes out of the room.  It's called 'supervised separation!  I don't want to be separated from my mom!
Someone has to hold my lease for 3 minutes while mom walks out of the room or building!  3 minutes!  Do you know how long that is in dog minutes!  A very, very long time!  At least for me it I didn't have to pass all of the"criteria" (that's a big word I kept hearing mom and the 'tester' talk about!) and supervised separation was the last test we had to do.
 If I'm at home, I don't care that mom leaves me.  I usually just go in my crate (mom lets me loose when they leave now - she said it's because I'm so good!).  So, now mom is trying to get me used to her walking out of a building without me when we go other places.
 HA...does she really think this will work!  Must be...she keeps leaving me with other humans and walks out of my sight.  I am getting better but I'm still whining...Mom said I'll get used to it because she wants me to be a therapy dog (like Mandy).  I think it would be fun and nice to have a job of visiting people in the hospital(s) guess I'll keep trying to get used to my mom leaving me...just wish it wasn't as long as 3 minutes!  So does mom!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy BD to me!

It's my BD!!!  It's my BD!!!  I'm two years old today!!!  Dad says he can't remember me being this small.
This was me the 1st day I came to live with mom and dad.  I could curl up in dad's arm easily.

Now I have to lay on the arm rest!  Mom says I'm not fat I'm just "big boned".  I love my mom and day!  And I'm so glad they took me home!  I wonder if I'll get more treats today because it's my BD!!!!  I hope!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

This kid just won't stop!

Talk about exhausting!  Cody never stops!!!  So much so, he's ended up having to play ball by himself because I'm too tired to keep playing!  I'm sure not going to keep running around catching a dumb ball...and mom and dad are afraid he's going to have a heart attack from running so much so they stop throwing the ball!  Well, it doesn't stop this dog!  Sooooo  This is what the poor kid has to do - all by himself!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Chillin'

Yep...I'm just chillin'!  First of all, it's HOT,HOT, HOT no walks for us.  Even at 7 a.m. it's hot out.

Mom has been taking Cody and I back to his house to check on the cat that lives with Cody.  His name is Zorro.  I don't know if he wants to play with me or not.  Mom won't let me go see him.  She makes me sit on her lap or she closes the upstairs door until she's done checking on him.

We do get to sit and watch Zorro....I have a feeling she'll let me go visit with him before too long.  I love cats!  Anyway, that's about the only walking Cody and I have done the past day or so.  We did go for a walk at 7 a.m. on Sat. but that was the last time.  Sure hope it cools down!  I love and miss my walks.

Cody, not so much!  He either wants to sit on Dad's lap or play ball.  Boy, does he like to play ball!  Wears me out!  I am nice and most of the time I catch the ball....but....then I drop it for Cody to take back to dad to throw.  I'm a good playmate!!

Well, gotta go...time for another nap!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dog Pharmacy

 Mom said it looks like a dog pharmacy around here!  You see Cody is on medicine twice a day and so am I!

But that's keeps us healthy!  Mom took Cody and I for a walk @ 7 a.m.!  Good thing because it's really, really hot outside now...I don't like to walk when it's this hot and neither does mom (good thing!)...Cody and I are now resting but we'll get back to playing again real soon!

Yes, I'm getting tired of having my picture taken!!  Mom always has her camera or her phone camera on the ready!  Geezzzzz  You'd think she'd take a break once in awhile!