Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dress up time!

For some reason, I guess moms dress their kids and dogs up for Halloween!  And my mom is no different!  This is what she put me in today!  A maid's outfit!
I was kinda embarrassed so I hid in my bed in mom's sewing room!

But once the kids started coming to the door and they were dressed up I didn't feel so funny!

This was me waiting for the kids to come!

I had to keep my eyes open so I wouldn't miss them

Mom did take my costume off after awhile

This is me helping dad!

Mom and dad said I was really good.  I don't bark at the kids and don't even try to go out the door!  

Wonder what I'll be dressed up as next year!  I think I'm kinda getting into this dress up thing!!

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