Friday, October 25, 2013


This is Bella!  Bella belongs to the lady whose house mom and her friends stayed at last weekend.
Mom says Bella is a girly, girl!  I'm not sure what that means other than she can cross her legs!  Mom always tells me I'm a Tom Boy!
Bella does look like a lady doesn't she..I think Bella and I would have fun together but I might have taught her to be a Tom Boy!  But then again, she might have taught me how to cross my legs when I sit! Maybe then mom would call me a "girly girl"...nah, I don't think so....

Bella's mom did invite  me to come for the weekend, but Mom said she wanted "alone" time!  What's up with that!

 I don't know why mom had to go to someone elses house to sew!  She does that here all the time!  Mom said I would be OK and it was good for dad to take care of me...well, I think I really took care of dad!  He did walk me 3 times ...I tried to keep  him busy by making dad let me outside about four times an hour (at least!), in addition to my walks.  I wanted to keep him busy so he wouldn't miss mom.

And we had playtime in bed at night!  OK, so one night, dad put me in my crate!  I don't know why he didn't want to play!  He wouldn't even chase me around the house.

Mom said it would be easier for her to leave us next time she wants to go somewhere!  Guess I'll have to try and change her mind on that too!  No crossing my legs and no more going without me!  Well, at least the first thing isn't going to happen!

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