Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shame on me...

Shame on me...Mom said I'm suppose to be keeping my blog up but sure is hard to do that when she keeps me so busy! We have to do our puppy lessons, go for walks, then she started doing these crate games with me. We are so busy that it all tires me right out!
So what's a puppy to do! NAP! I sure nap a lot but I am lucky to have so many cool places to nap. Sometimes, it's hard for me to make a choice where to nap.
This is me sleeping under mom's feet when she was doing some computer work. I got my favorite toy, Buddy, and kept him close to me. Really I just like to lay my head on his head. It's just like a pillow!

This is another favorite place for me to nap. It's on dad's big puffy chair. Dad puts me beside his leg and makes sure that I always have a chewy. He does that because he doesn't like me to chew on his hand or pants! Sometimes, dad puts Buddy up with me too.
Yep, that's me laying on top of Buddy again!
Mom said I'm doing really good at the crate games. We've just started so right now I sit at the back of my crate when the door opens and I only come out when mom gives me the 'command' (it's really her just saying "OK" but she calls it a command!). Then mom opens the crate door (I'm still not allowed out) and puts on my leash. Then we play the 'in and out game'. This time she opens the door and I sit really still until I hear the 'command' word then I run out of the crate but I turn around REALLY fast and run back to my crate. For some reason, mom goes nuts and tells me what a great dog I am. I guess I'm doing this part right too. She said pretty soon she won't put the leash on and then she's going to put the crate further away each time to watch me run back into it! No wonder I have to nap!!! It's not easy being a puppy in this house...but their hugs and treats make it worth it. I just didn't know old people were so active! I wonder when they nap?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Day in My Life!

Mom and I have been busy as usual doing our 'lessons' and now learning some crate games! I really love the crate game! Mom got a DVD from a friend of hers so we started playing and mom said I'm doing really good. I love my crate so it's not a big deal for me.
This is me in my pirate dress mom bought me for Halloween. I don't know what Halloween is but mom said it's a day people get treats. Mom said Halloween is lots of fun because kids come to the house. I love kids...really I just love people! I don't care who they are I just want to jump up and kiss them! BUT...I'm not allowed to do that. I'm still not so good at not jumping on people but I'm getting better.
This is me 'on point'. Mom said I look like a hunting dog!

This is me waiting for my treat.

I'm still waiting!

This is me bringing back my Frisbee to mom. I love playing with my Frisbee.
This is a video mom took of me playing with the Frisbee. Mom said she has to buy another one because sometimes I don't want to bring it back to her. I like to chew it and just play with it. Sun is out today so we'll go for lots of walks. We already went for our morning walk and I did really good. I wasn't so good at my walk on Sat. and Sun. There was just so many things that I wanted to sit and were playing, dogs were barking, people were giving their cars a bath and lots of cars coming and going! Today was boring so I walked really good. Now it's nap time!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yep, it's me sleeping again. Seems like mom is always taking pictures of me sleeping. But she said I'm growing so fast, I need my sleep. This is me sleeping outside the large crate (jail) that mom puts in her sewing room. I'm not allowed to roam in her room because she said there are beads and needles that she can't even see but mom said that I'd be sure to find them. She doesn't even have to put up the other baby gate to keep me in my 'area'. I just want to stay by her while she does her 'sewing thing' so sometime I just sleep on the floor rather than in the big crate.
Today I had my Dr. appointment to get my last booster shots. OUCH! I was really good and didn't cry or even move when they checked my ears and teeth and mouth! Mom was really proud of me (as usual!). I'm up to 7lbs. too! And on Sat. I'll be 16 weeks old! Mom said that's four months old.
Last night was our puppy class and it was fun! We have to greet each other by touching noses but then we get a treat. I love meeting all the other dogs. It's so much fun to socialize with dogs and people. All the trainers are really nice and give me treats all the time. Yum! I'm doing really good on my leash walking and my sit and stay! Of course the leash walking is a piece of cake for me. Mom and I go on at least four and sometimes five walks a day! Even in the rain! I don't mind the rain at all but mom is getting me some booties. Not sure I'm going to like those but mom said "too bad, you'll get used to them". Oh well...just one more thing I'll have to do for mom!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hi everyone! This is me giving a 'high five' to you! Mom and dad have been sick with a cold the past week so there's a lot of sneezing and coughing which keeps me up during the day and even at night! How's a gal suppose to get any beauty sleep around here!
Last night Mom did take me to puppy class and we sure learned a lot. Actually, mom learned a lot...she's the one who needs to be trained. I already know what I'm suppose to do and not do. Mom just needs to know the right way to tell me! She'll learn soon enough.
Today Mom took me to three different places for part of my 'socializing' with people and places. We first went to the doctor who takes care of her...I don't think she is called a vet but mom's Dr. asked if I could come into the office to see her. Mom took me in but she had to hold me...guess they didn't want me on the floor. I don't know why. I can go on the floor at my Dr's. Our 2nd visit was to my Dr. but I didn't have to see the doctor. Mom just took me in to buy some dog food and to practice my sit and greet people. They said I did pretty good. The 3rd place was really a fun store. It's a store for dogs (and other animals too) here in Goodrich! I got to smell all the dog toys and mom bought me a new toy and collar. I also did a 'good sit' to meet the lady...I only did it because she gave me a treat! Yum! It's a really nice store called Lucy's Pet Supplies and Feeds. The owner, Angela, is really nice and mom said she tries to buy my supplies there because we like to support businesses in our home town. If you are in Goodrich, stop by and talk to Angela and tell her I sent you. If you're good and sit nice, she'll even give you treats!

Mom was taking pictures and said that I'm really growing fast! The picture on the right was taken about four or five days after I came to live here. The picture on the left was taken this past week. See how tall I'm getting!! I am growing up fast and pretty soon mom said I'm getting my hair done. I'm not quite sure what that means but guess it's suppose to make me look really pretty. So now I have to take a nap...visiting places and people sure makes me tired.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Helping Dad!

Mom has this big machine she runs across the floor and rugs. It makes a lot of noise but it doesn't scare me. I usually just sit be my crate and watch Mom but yesterday Mom had a problem with the big machine.. Dad said he would fix the machine for mom so I thought I'd help. This is Dad and me getting ready to work on the machine!

I thought the problem was right here! But dad said "no"...
I was trying to tell my dad where the problem was...he just ignored me. But that's ok. We had fun and he fixed mom's machine.

Mom and I are still doing our lessons from the puppy class. I'm doing good at most of the commands and we go for walks every day in the neighborhood. I love our walks!! It does tire me out because my legs are a lot shorter than moms. Mom takes me for a walk at least 3 or 4 times a day...sometimes more! I even went for a walk with Cody on Sunday. That was our first meet and greet and we did really good together. Mom's going to get Cody and take us both on walks. I can't wait to see him again. Maybe she'll take a picture of the two of us walking together. Well, time for my nap!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day in my life

Mom took pictures of a day in my life! I have to admit I am busy ALL day long and I try to keep mom busy too. She gets bored easily, from what she tells me, so I have to think of things to do just for her!

This is me up and ready!

This is me practicing my 'lessons' from puppy kindergarten. this is the 'sit' command, which I do really well!

This is me WAITING for someone to take me outside! You see I have to be carried down the stairs because they are really big and scary. I'm doing really good at climbing up the stairs and sometimes I get a treat!

Yea, I'm still waiting to go out!

Nap time!

This is me watching Logan, the dog next door! He's very handsome but BIG!

Yes, another nap for me!

This was the very first day I went for a walk down the street. The wind was blowing so hard so my fur and ears were wind blown. I walk really well and mom is always telling me what a good puppy I am!
The video shows me playing with a toy mom made. She put my kibble bits inside a bottle and covers it up with an old sock. She tries to trick me sometime by putting the lid on the bottle so when she does that I just run around the house! Other times, I know how to tip the bottle so I can eat what's inside. That's the best!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My buddy's!

I'm so lucky to have so many "buddy's". Mom and dad gave me a 'buddy' when I first came to live with them. It was a white, fuzzy buddy but one day it ran away from home! I looked all over but couldn't find it so mom and dad bought me another one. They said this buddy was better for me anyway because it didn't have all the fuzz on it. Sometimes I would get the fuzz in my mouth and cough. I hope buddy found a new home but I have to say I don't miss him that much now. My new buddy has big ears and a tail I can hold on to. This is me carrying my buddy across the room. Mom also took a video of me playing really hard with my new buddy. He's also nice to sleep with! I put my head on his head and we both go to sleep really quick.
This is my dad! He's also a buddy to me! He really likes to rub my belly and pet me. When I sit on dad's lap at night he's always touching me and rubbing me. I think he likes my silky coat.
These are just some more pictures and video mom took of me and my buddy's! I'm so lucky!!!