Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Day in My Life!

Mom and I have been busy as usual doing our 'lessons' and now learning some crate games! I really love the crate game! Mom got a DVD from a friend of hers so we started playing and mom said I'm doing really good. I love my crate so it's not a big deal for me.
This is me in my pirate dress mom bought me for Halloween. I don't know what Halloween is but mom said it's a day people get treats. Mom said Halloween is lots of fun because kids come to the house. I love kids...really I just love people! I don't care who they are I just want to jump up and kiss them! BUT...I'm not allowed to do that. I'm still not so good at not jumping on people but I'm getting better.
This is me 'on point'. Mom said I look like a hunting dog!

This is me waiting for my treat.

I'm still waiting!

This is me bringing back my Frisbee to mom. I love playing with my Frisbee.
This is a video mom took of me playing with the Frisbee. Mom said she has to buy another one because sometimes I don't want to bring it back to her. I like to chew it and just play with it. Sun is out today so we'll go for lots of walks. We already went for our morning walk and I did really good. I wasn't so good at my walk on Sat. and Sun. There was just so many things that I wanted to sit and were playing, dogs were barking, people were giving their cars a bath and lots of cars coming and going! Today was boring so I walked really good. Now it's nap time!


  1. Love the costume!
    Bugsy has a pirate outfit for Halloween too. Too bad they can't got trick-or-treating together. How cute would that be?!

  2. A pirate... how cute! She is adorable with that expressive little face.