Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cookies in the bowl?? What's up with that?

Mom is still going strong with our 'lessons'....now she has me bypassing treats in a bowl!  Holy heck!  This is getting a little boring!!  Sometimes I'd just rather wait for dinner than have to go past bowls with food in them...only to find out mom took the treats out of the bowl!  She likes to trick me!!!

NOTE FROM MOM:  the whole point behind this 'game/lesson' is to have Kalee come to me regardless if there are food or other distractions.  I'm suppose to show her that I dropped food in the bowl, but I  have to sneak it out quickly before the bowl reaches the floor.  When I call her, she has the choice of running to eat the treats from the bowl or come to me!  This was only the 2nd time I did this with her!!!  She did great...once she comes to me, I give her the cue "get it" and she runs to the bowl...but I have to beat her to the bowl to  drop treats in there!  Geezzzzz  I think I'm getting more exercise than she is!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Mom is still into this online training 'thing'....it's always some kind of lesson we're doing throughout the day!  It wouldn't be so bad if I got some good treats...but all I get are chicken breast pieces or my canned dog food rolled in a ball!  Mom said it's because of my tummy issues.  I think she's just being 'cheap'....

Anyway, a week or two ago mom did a YouTube of us doing crate games!  I think it's a hoot because mom's butt shows up really well in the video!!!  And I was really good...although, now she's changing our 'cue' words...she said 'OK' was being used too much during the day so now she's wanting me to learn "break"...oh well, I"ll go along with her for the time being...maybe she'll get a new hobby!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Kalee turns 3  today so I'm doing her post!  I just love this little girl so much and so happy we made the decision to get her 3 days after Mandy passed.  It was such a sad time for us and I think of Mandy every day...that may be hard for some to believe but I do.

So here are some memories of the past few years with our baby!!!

She would sleep anywhere

Kalee's first snow

Kalee's first grooming day!

Her first vet visit

Her first Halloween outfit

Her first Buddy toy

Dad's shoe is almost bigger than her

Typical girl...has a shoe fetish

Yea, it's my birthday!!!

I sit so well behind dad!

Yep, the picture we fell in love with!  Had to have her.
Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!