Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a week!

 Mom and I got to spend this week with Amber and Nick!  And we got to spend the night..actually, we stayed a lot of nights!

This was me waiting for Amber to get out of school on Wednesday!  I was so excited to see her and Nick!

Mom just loves to take pictures and video's of me!  So I just let her 'snap' away!

 Mom said I still had to take my two walks a day so the kids came along!  Although, it did rain some of the week, so I just ran around the house playing with the cats!   I have to keep my girlish figure you know!    Really, I think it's mom who is trying to keep her girlish figure!

One night while walking I got to see cranes!  I didn't know what they were and I sure didn't know they lived in the sub where the kids live!!

Amber said they just walk around the sub all day long.  We did see them fly in and fly out too!!  what fun!!  I was good and didn't even try to chase them.

This was me looking out the window in the living room!  No one was swimming in the pool!  It was way too cold but I still liked to look out!   I was really waiting to see if the cranes would stop by!

I tried to beg Nick for some popcorn one night but mom told him I wasn't allowed to have any!  It didn't stop me from giving him the 'evil eye'!

Last night before we came home, we had to do our 'walk' again!  Mom has this 'thing' about making sure I walk twice a day!  Anyway, we went to Nick's school and I got to watch the kids play.  I haven't been on the playground before.  They won't let dogs on the grounds during school days!  But since this was Sunday, I got to play!

And this is my best buddy, Alley!  I love Alley and I think she loves me too.  We play all the time...A.J. doesn't like to play like Alley so I'm trying to just leave him alone...although, it's hard!  Sometimes, I'll just chase him to see what he'll do.  Mom didn't take any pictures of A.J. this year.

Alley would keep me company whenever I had to be in my crate (like when I was fed...the cats would try to eat my food, so mom fed me in my crate).  Even if I wasn't eating, Alley would sit next to me, either in the crate or on the floor!  She's my BFF!

So today I'm back home with mom and dad and I'm resting!  It was a really busy week!  But I had fun and can't wait to do it again!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shut the front door!

We're leaving here?  We're going where?  I'm staying with other dogs!!  Without mom and dad!  Are you kidding me!!!

I can't believe mom kept all this a secret from me.  I know she's been busy cleaning and putting stuff in big cases but I kinda forgot what those 'cases' are for!  TRAVELING!

Guess we are heading home!!!  AND mom just told me I'm staying overnight ALL by myself, without my mom and dad from Friday to Sunday morning!!!   Mom said she and dad are going to college.  I think they're too go to college!  But Mom said something about a graduation for Kayla (guess that's a grand daughter).  I don't understand any of it...except I'm going to be really sad.

I don't want to tell mom but I am looking forward to doggie day care!  Mom says I get to spend Saturday - all day- playing with doggies my own size.  She also told me that at noon, I'll be given a treat then I have to take a nap.  Mom said they have a Bose system (like I really care about that!) and they play classical music so it puts us to sleep.   I think it's just to drown out the barking.  I know I'll be barking!!   After that we get to play some more, then dinner...then we're in for the night in our crate.  She said someone comes by between 10 - 11 p.m. to check on us.   I just know I'll be really happy to see mom and dad on Sunday!   And I know I'll get even with them...unless I have a really, really fun time!  Then I'll give them lots of kisses!!!  Or maybe I'll be the best little doggie ever so they never leave me again!!  So many options.....