Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wonder if we'll get scraps from dinner???  Knowing mom we won't !  Oh well! We can always clean up the floor of scraps for her!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

We love snow!!!

Yep..Gigi and I love the snow!  We had over 12 inches of snow so far today (well, that's what mom told me...I don't know how to measure!).  Gigi and I played in the snow as often as mom would let us outside!  These are our pawprints from running around the yard this morning.  What fun!

Only problem, we would come back inside and have balls of snow all over our fur.  Which didn't thrill dad very much.  He still let us sit on his lap to rest!  But sometimes we would just lay on our matt and snuggle with each other.

We can't wait for tomorrow...hope there's still snow on the said 12 inches of snow should be here for quite sometime!  At least another day or two!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Poor Little Girl

Yep, our dogs are just like kids...hate when they get sick or last night little Gigi was coming back into the house from going potty and let out a yelp!  When I sat down I reached over to pick her up and saw blood all over!  WHAT!  This is what we found!

This isn't a tooth!  It was Gigi's back toenail!  Appears it got caught when she jumped to come into the house.  Poor baby!  The house on the other hand...carpet to be exact looked like a scene from CSI!  Blood everywhere!  And I mean everywhere!!!  What a mess...but, first things first...I rinsed off both Gigi's back feet, as I didn't know which foot was 'hurt'..since there was blood on both back feet!
 I had Bob hold her while I got the flashlight to see what happened.  That's when I saw she had lost the entire toenail and her quick was bleeding.  So, Nancy Nurse got her bandaged up and then it was time to start cleaning the carpet!
First, I sprayed with cold water and blotted up as much as I could then use Resolve carpet cleaner.  Worked like a charm!  You can't even tell where the body was...I mean where Gigi had walked!
Next up was taking her to the vets today making sure there wasn't any other damage.  They cleaned it up quite well and reapplied a new bandage, which she has to keep on for two more days.
She looks very sad her but actually she isn't.  You wouldn't know something was wrong with her...eating, wanting to play, jumping on furniture!  I do have her pain meds, just in case!   Poor little Gigi...she's had a rough life and this is just another something for her to put in her 'journal'!  I would prefer to write about happy events for now on!  Just sayin!

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Girls!

Kalee is allowing me to write a post today as she and Gigi are taking their afternoon nap!  This is where they lay if I'm working on computer at the counter in the kitchen!

Well, Gigi has been with us for two months now but it feels like she has always been here!  She is the best little dog in the house as far as house manners go!   But take her for a walk and come upon another dog or a barking dog and she turns into a pit bull!  Kinda funny but it's something I am trying to work on constantly.  Some days are better than others and she will sit and focus on me and other days I have to resort to picking her up!  But she'll come around.

Kalee is tolerating Gigi and actually instigates playtime more often than I thought she would.  It's rather funny at bedtime they will start playing!  Just like kids!  And Gigi doesn't care if I dress her up to visit our friend at the nursing home!  Kalee is a different story!  HA

Gigi is responding well to our online dog lessons.  It certainly has brought to our attention how good Kalee actually is!  HA  Oh, one other 'issue' the little one has is WET GRASS! would think she's being beaten by putting her on wet grass in the morning.  One morning it took me 45 min. to get her to pee and I finally resorted to walking her and she then peed in the street!  She won't go in the house (thank goodness!) but will hold it for 12 hours or more!  that's just not good for a dog so I am working on wet grass and Gigi!  We'll see who wins this one too!  HA

All in all...I love my girls SO much and so thankful they get along.  They certainly add smiles to Bob and I daily.  Can't ask for more than that!  Well, may ask for a dog to pee on wet grass!  Just sayin!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Busy Time

Yep, it sure is a busy time for Gigi and me!  Of course we are always playing so that takes up most of our day(s)!  Then mom is back on 'her' training kick for both of us!  I don't know why I have to learn more stuff!  Gigi is the one who needs training but she's doing pretty good (that's what mom says).  I honestly don't pay attention....I just want the treats for doing a good job.
This is us playing!
 And this is us taking a nap after playing!  
This is a video mom took of Gigi doing her YI/YO (that stands for Yer In, Yer Out!).  We're suppose to come running out of the crate and turn around and run back in really fast!!  Mom was so happy Gigi did this.  Usually she just comes out of her crate and sits and stares at mom!  It's kinda funny but she knows now what she is suppose to do.   Of course, I've done this good for years now!
We've only been going on one walk a day, early in the morning.  It was 90+ degrees today and just too hot for us!  Besides, we're tired from playing all day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Now I am a big sister!!

This is Gigi my new sister!!! Mom and dad adopted her this past Saturday.  I guess they refer to that day (July 11) as her "gottcha" day.  Her birthday is really on May 14 (2012) and she weighs 10.1 lbs.  That's all I know about my little 'sister'.   This is mom and dad when they picked Gigi up!

Mom and dad said they wanted me to have someone to play with and we sure play!  Whew!  Dad thinks I'm going to lose weight but I think I may gain weight because we are both going to build up muscle from our playing and walks!

Yep, Gigi loves her walks too.  Mom is working with her as sometimes she wants to growl and go after the dogs that bark at us.  Mom said I am so good because I ignore those barking dogs.  Last night mom took Gigi past a barking dog twice and she did real good!

I still get to sleep in the bed with mom and dad.  Mom said Gigi will stay in her crate at night because she is used to that and doesn't seem to mind at all.  And she sleeps all night long!  Mom likes that too.  And because I am so tired from playing all day I'm sleeping really good!!!  Mom said I don't hardly move at all anymore!
I kinda like being a big sister!  So far it's a lot of fun and I have someone with me all the time now!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's My Birthday!!!

Yep, it's my birthday today and I am four years old!  Mom said I'm still a puppy to her but I think I am more like a teenager!   This is me when I first came to mom and dad when I was about 8 weeks old!  

I think I looked kinda funny but mom said I was really she says I'm beautiful!

I guess I am rather pretty but sometimes I would prefer  to just roll in the mud or dead animals instead of wearing a dress!  But, mom likes me to dress up when I go to my day job.  We all have jobs to do..mine is to visit folks in nursing homes.  Dad's job is to golf and mom does this sewing thing!  That is how we all work.  I love them a lot and they love me and I get to go for rides with mom wherever she goes!  Life is good.  Now I just hope I get a birthday cake today!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Well, I've just been busy!

No time to blog...too busy being a social butterfly (that's what my mom says she and dad are - social butterfly's so I guess that's what I must be too!).
Between riding in the golf cart, walking at least 2 miles a day and going to doggie park...I'm busy!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Still Florida Time!

I really thought I would be sitting in air conditioning in Florida but guess what!  It's been too cold for the air to be on and instead we have on the heat!  What's up with that!  First, mom walks me in the rain then she makes me go potty when there's frost on the ground....

We still go on walks twice a day unless it's raining...thank goodness I don't have to walk in the rain all the time!!

At night, mom walks with a leash that lights up!

During the day, mom and I will sit out on the lanai...Aunt Jan has some really nice rugs that I sit on while mom does her "sewing thing".

This is mom doing her thing on the computer and me doing my thing at night!

I guess Florida is pretty nice after all!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Florida Time

I've been so busy since we arrived in Florida two weeks ago! and dad are alwasy on the go but mom still makes me walk twice a day (one mile each time!).

In fact, we walk regardless of the weather!  Mom and I got caught in the rain last week on night!  It really poured so we called dad on the phone to come get us!  Dad was laughing so hard he took the wrong way back to the house!    We were soaked!

When I'm not walking or watching out the front door....

I'm playing with my ball or waiting for dad to sit down!

I love my Florida time!  Woops...gotta is taking me for a golf cart ride!  Woo hoo!!!!!