Friday, August 19, 2016

Is she a cutie or what!

I bought this outfit to fit one of the dogs and guess who it fits the best!  Gigi!!  How adorable is this!

Well, maybe she doesn't think so but I can't stop laughing!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's Gigi's Gotcha Day!

One year ago we 'adopted' this little girl! 

Look at that face!  How could we not adopt her!!

Gigi is a lover and have given us so many smiles!

She is picky about certain men and children....but she does surprise us at times...she made up quickly to our neighbors son, Bryce!  But wanted to go after Bryce's dad...after he patted Bryce on his shoulder!  I think she was just protecting him!!

She has given us some challenges but she is worth every little extra effort it has taken to make her part of our family!

So Happy Gottcha Day, Gigi!!!  We love you and are so happy you belong to us!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our time in Florida is over...

Well, Gigi and I have been so busy this winter.  Mom and dad take us on daily golf cart rides, mom takes us for rides in the car then for walks around town.  We each get to go on a dog walk with mom alone...actually, she has to take Gigi by herself because she gets nasty with other dogs, so mom is training her...but she's doing so much better now!  Take a look at what Gigi got to do tonight (I had to stay home with dad!).

Gigi got to play with Ranger in his back yard.  Ranger's mom, Elizabeth, is training him for agility.  He's doing really well from what mom said.

  Anyway, they ran and played and mom said Gigi never even barked at Ranger!

Mom does have pictures of me too!!   Well, a girl needs her beauty sleep!

But mostly it's pictures of Gigi and me!  That's ok...she's my sister now and my best friend.
Mom said we're leaving a week from today to go back home!  I miss some of my dog friends back home as well as our family and friends.  Maybe I'll have more time to post when we get home!  Maybe!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We're in Florida!

Yep...we are back in Florida.  Really we've been here since December 29th but mom is so busy she doesn't have time to write on our blog much!
Gigi is doing well here in Florida except she's getting really nasty with other dogs that walk or bark at us.  So, mom is going to take her to doggie school!  Woo hoo...glad it's not me!  I'm being the best dog I can be!  That's what mom says!
Gigi and I are having a good time with our walks (most of the time!), golf cart rides and mom takes us with her if it cool outside, for rides in the car.  She opens the sun roof for us if she stops somewhere.
We were helping mom blow out the candles n her BD cake!

Can you see two dogs!  Gigi likes to sleep next to me.

I get tired from all those walks.

Gigi gets tired too
And of course we have to play tug!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wonder if we'll get scraps from dinner???  Knowing mom we won't !  Oh well! We can always clean up the floor of scraps for her!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

We love snow!!!

Yep..Gigi and I love the snow!  We had over 12 inches of snow so far today (well, that's what mom told me...I don't know how to measure!).  Gigi and I played in the snow as often as mom would let us outside!  These are our pawprints from running around the yard this morning.  What fun!

Only problem, we would come back inside and have balls of snow all over our fur.  Which didn't thrill dad very much.  He still let us sit on his lap to rest!  But sometimes we would just lay on our matt and snuggle with each other.

We can't wait for tomorrow...hope there's still snow on the said 12 inches of snow should be here for quite sometime!  At least another day or two!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Poor Little Girl

Yep, our dogs are just like kids...hate when they get sick or last night little Gigi was coming back into the house from going potty and let out a yelp!  When I sat down I reached over to pick her up and saw blood all over!  WHAT!  This is what we found!

This isn't a tooth!  It was Gigi's back toenail!  Appears it got caught when she jumped to come into the house.  Poor baby!  The house on the other hand...carpet to be exact looked like a scene from CSI!  Blood everywhere!  And I mean everywhere!!!  What a mess...but, first things first...I rinsed off both Gigi's back feet, as I didn't know which foot was 'hurt'..since there was blood on both back feet!
 I had Bob hold her while I got the flashlight to see what happened.  That's when I saw she had lost the entire toenail and her quick was bleeding.  So, Nancy Nurse got her bandaged up and then it was time to start cleaning the carpet!
First, I sprayed with cold water and blotted up as much as I could then use Resolve carpet cleaner.  Worked like a charm!  You can't even tell where the body was...I mean where Gigi had walked!
Next up was taking her to the vets today making sure there wasn't any other damage.  They cleaned it up quite well and reapplied a new bandage, which she has to keep on for two more days.
She looks very sad her but actually she isn't.  You wouldn't know something was wrong with her...eating, wanting to play, jumping on furniture!  I do have her pain meds, just in case!   Poor little Gigi...she's had a rough life and this is just another something for her to put in her 'journal'!  I would prefer to write about happy events for now on!  Just sayin!