Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Story

Hi everyone! My name is Kalee and my new human mom told me I had to introduce myself . She said she didn't think many of her "artsy" (I don't know what that is yet!) friends would want to know about me so she couldn't be posting on her blog (I didn't know what that was either!) all the time! That kinda hurt my feelings but it's ok, I think I understand.

So now I know (kinda!) what a blog is and mom said I can write and put pictures out here anytime I wasn't playing or running around, which I love to do!

I am a 9 week old, Bichon and I weigh 4 lbs. exactly (I know this because they weighed me at the vets today). They say I'm little but I'll grow up to be about 8-10 lbs., which Mom said is good.

My new human family picked me up from a breeder in Addison, Michigan. I don't know where that is and I still don't know what town I live in but I really don't care! Just so they keep feeding me, playing with me and hugging me all the time. Those are the things I like! All I want to do is play and we sure play a lot! I have some really neat puppy toys and my human dad gave me a golf ball that I carry back to my big bed. It's not the bed I sleep in. They said it's just for watching TV in.

When I got to my new home, I just felt like I've always lived there! I found my water and food dish right off the bat! And I've been such a good little girl for my new family. I even slept through the night...at least I did! Not sure why, but I woke up around 3 a.m. because my human mom was shining a flashlight in my eyes! What the heck's up with that! She told me this a.m. that she was worried because I didn't cry through the night so she wanted to make sure I was still breathing! How silly of her. Sure hope she doesn't wake me up tonight again!

This is me sleeping in my new dad's arms. I got really tired the 1st day so I had to take a few naps. In fact, a nap sounds really good right now! Think I'll go do that! I'll write more 'tails' tomorrow and hope you come back sometime to read about my new life!


  1. Hi Kalee!

    Well, you won the doggie-lottery with your new home, and a blog too right away! (that's how we humans keep in touch and post photos) I think you must have a very good life and are making two people extremely happy!
    What a lovely pup you are too, and humble~~I see an excellent companion in the making!
    HAve fun and enjoy your new home!


    P.S. Get your new parents trained as soon as possible....humans need constant training...*sigh*

  2. Kalee, you are adorable, and you have found the perfect home where you will be loved and spoiled!!!

  3. Hi Kalee, you are going to love your new home and will learn very quickly about Mum's arty projects so don't go running off with her thread and beads.

  4. Dear little Kalee, you are so lucky to move into this home because I know these are good people who will love you forever! You are helping them more than you know just by being yourself. Good Girl!