Friday, September 16, 2011

But I thought I'm supposed to be a happy puppy?

Yes, this is me in my pet taxi waiting for the"kids" to get home from school. I found out the"kids" are part of our family too! They just don't live with us but that's's just another place I get to go with my mom! Well, I thought so until...I was SO happy to see some other humans so I made sure to give the "kids" lots of kissing, jumping and even a little nip to let them know it! Well, I guess I'm not suppose to be this happy?? What's up with that? I had to sit and watch the "kids" do homework...another word I don't know. My mom talks about all the work she's not doing since I came to live with her so I don't know if she's talking about homework too!
This is my sad face! I really wanted to kiss and play with the kids but because I was so excited I just couldn't contain myself!! mom is going to enroll me in puppy obedience! I can't decide if I'm happy about that or not.
Mom said I'll learn lots of good things and learn how to control my excitement. I thought puppies are suppose to be happy and excited! Mom said I'll meet other puppies and this will help me learn more things than I know now. I am good at getting my collar on and mom even has been teaching me to walk with her. For some reason, she has this long rope thing (she calls it a leash) that is attached to my collar. Then we take tiny steps together. I don't think I need the rope thing on but mom said I have to. I guess I'll just be a good puppy and let her put it on. Mom and dad say I'm doing really good at potty time outside too! That part makes them really happy.
They aren't so excited about my playing after dinner. I play good all day long and don't get too excited but I sure get excited around 6 p.m. I think they are giving me caffeine (I heard mom talk about how she needs more caffeine for energy) so maybe that's why I want to run and run and run. I blame it on dad...he started it the night we were alone so I think I need to keep this up! I sure hope they figure out what I should and should not do! I just want to keep being a happy puppy...just because that's what I'm suppose to do, right?

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