Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sometimes I have to go to jail!

I'm still lovin' my new home, even though sometimes I have to go to "jail". That's what mom calls it...I think it's just a great big crate for big dogs. In fact, I heard dad telling mom that it used to be a crate for the Mandy dog that used to live here. Anyway, I just love, love, love to play hard and especially play with mom and dad. I wouldn't care if they bit my leg or neck but for some reason they get upset when I do that to them! It's just puppy playing! It's so much fun to do...and really fun to do when we're outside in the yard! I even nibble on mom's legs sometimes when she has shorts on! That's when she yells "NO BITE" and puts me in "jail". Geeezzzz What's a puppy to do! I'm only playing! Maybe the teacher at doggie kindergarden will tell mom not to put me in jail anymore and just bite me like I bite her and dad. Actually, I like biteing dad more than mom. He doesn't know how to say "NO BITE"...he just keeps telling me "don't bite daddy" and then he wags his finger at me! I just might get that finger in my mouth one day! I'll keep trying!
The other favorite thing for me to do is to look at the two dogs next door to us. Mom will go over and feed them and let them outside when their mom and dad have to be away for a long time. I like watching them but I don't bark. I just stare at them!

This is me still watching the dogs.

Sometimes I stand up on the rail so I can see them better.

Both dogs were out playing but I could only watch. Some day mom said I can play with the small dog named Cody. I can't wait!

Maybe if I could play with other dogs I wouldn't have to play with dad so hard! Guess we'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Puppy teeth are like little needles!!! Ouch ouch!!