Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise Time

Mom said I need to exercise to keep my girley shape so late yesterday (before I did my exercises inside) I thought I better help mom exercise too! I don't want her getting out of shape! So, when we were in the back yard, I found a place under the fence to sneak out and thought I'd run over to the neighbors and see if mom could catch me! That's a good exercise - running! Boy, I was really surprised because mom can sure run!
Well, it was so much fun, I did it 3 more times! We ran and would catch me, put me back in the fenced in yard but I always found another spot to get out! What fun we had! Mom was really puffing when we finally came in. She did a pretty good job running up the hill to catch me so I'm sure she got her exercise in yesterday!

Anyway, dad fixed all the spots where I could get out so now mom and I have to exercise in the house or just play ball outside. That's ok...I hated to see my mom sweat so much because it doesn't smell so good on her! Back in the house I started on my exercises. I don't want to have 'saddle bags' under my arms like my mom, so I'm doing my arm lifts first.

1, 2, 3, have to keep these up!

Here I'm doing my tummy crunches.

Whew! I'm done for the day! Exercising is hard work!

How's my butt look?

Mom took me in my pet taxi for another car ride today. She said she wants to make sure I like riding in the car. I don't really know if I like riding in the car or not because I always curl up and sleep! I'm not sure if it's the driving or the music that puts me to sleep. Anyway, mom stopped at the meat market first (she said she needed to get red meat for dad since he's anemic (yea, another strange word I heard). I'm not allowed people food and red meat doesn't even sound good to me. Mom said she doesn't eat it either.

At mom's 2nd stop, she bought me a new daytime crate! Isn't it nice! Dad put it together for me and I jumped right in and now I'm going to take a nap! All that exercising tires a girl out.

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