Thursday, September 29, 2011

My 1st day at school!

Wahoo!! Last night was my first day at puppy kindergarten! Mom couldn't take pictures because she was too busy learning how to train me. I already know what I'm suppose to do but mom and dad don't know the right way to tell me what they what me to do. That's why mom needs to go to school to learn all these new things and I get to go with her.
Anyway, class was SO much fun! I got to smell all new smells for me! There were lots of dogs in our class but I wasn't allowed to smell them (yet!). Our teacher(s) said next week we can smell each others noses. I could still smell them so my nose was on the ground a lot. It doesn't smell like home but that's ok. I'll get used to that.
It was a little scary at first because a lot of the dogs were braking really loud. Mom said those dogs weren't very polite but I was! The teachers did a lot of talking but mom said they had to so we know what to expect the next 7 weeks. I guess...but it did get a boring just sitting there but then I got to "shine" (that's what mom said!). Our first lesson was to learn how to sit and watch our moms or dads. I did this SO good that the teacher took me out to the middle of the room and showed everyone else how to do it! Everyone in the room when ooh and ahhh so I guess I looked pretty cute! I know I made mom proud. So now mom said we have to practice every day because we have homework! Geezzzz I just want to go back and play with the other dogs. I guess I'll just have to wait a week!

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