Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a night!

This is me trying to apologize to my dad! You see, I thought my dad was my playmate so while mom was doing her 'art' thing last night, I kept trying to get dad to play. I don't think that's what he wanted to do and it took me all night to figure that one out!
When dad got home from 'golfing' (yep, another word I don't know - but mom told me I didn't need to learn it) he took me outside. Like the good girl that I am I did what I was suppose to do and then!! PLAYTIME with dad! Oops...wrong!
I found something that smelled REALLY good to me so I thought it would be fun to run to it and roll in it. I wanted dad to do the same thing but all he did was run after me, pick me up and put me at the opposite end of the yard. So being the good playmate I am, I ran back to the smelly spot! We had a ball doing this lots of times (dad said it was about 30 times, I think he exaggerates!).
Anyway, after I finally wore dad out he brought me back into the house. I thought he still wanted to play. I was getting tired but I wanted dad to be happy and so I tried to get him to play some more! I ran and ran and ran but he wouldn't chase me. So then I kept biting him...that's what I used to do with my litter mates! they liked it but dad sure didn't!
It was sure exhausting trying to play with dad until I found out when mom got home, dad didn't really want to play! Well, why didn't someone tell me that! Glad that night is over with (I heard dad tell mom the same thing today!).

I've been really, really good today and not chasing dad or running around unless my mom lets me! We did play ball outside and then she took me for my 2nd car ride! We made four stops and because I was still tired from last night I slept in my doggie den (it's really a pet taxi but my parents like to call it a den. I think they heard that from the Dog Whisperer!).

I really like to sit by the front door and watch the other neighborhood dogs and their parents walk up and down the street. I think every home must have a doggie because I haven't seen the same one twice! My mom said I'm really good because I don't even bark at the other dogs or people (I only bark at my dad, which he doesn't like!). I'm still loving my new house and new parents! We are learning so much together (yes, I heard this from my mom too!) and they show me lots of love! And give me good food too! What doggie wouldn't be happy! Enjoy your weekend...I know we will (especially dad because my mom is home now!).

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