Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning and keeping busy!

I'm so busy most days, it's hard to find time to write my blog. But my human mom says, "if you make a commitment, you stick with it". I think I also heard her tell this to my human dad about me...something about training and puppies. I try not to listen when they talk about me.
My human mom says I'm doing good at house breaking. I didn't think I was breaking anything in the house so she's been trying to explain this housebreaking thing to me. She even put a bell on the patio door and she rings it every time I go outside. I like the bell but if I touch it and it rings out we go!! Human mom said I'll understand this new 'rule' soon. Boy, old folks sure have a lot of rules...puppies don't!

I am allowed to go in my human mom's art room (I'm still not sure what this room is), but only when she goes in there. This is also a room where Gracie, the parrot lives. I didn't meet her until the 2nd day I lived here. Gracie seems nice to my human mom but sure glares at me when I come in the room. This is her staring at me!
My human mom makes me 'stay' in this little bed when I'm in 'this' room. I have to look up all the time to see Gracie and sometimes my neck gets tired so I just lay my head down. I try to stay in my bed like my human mom wants me to. Seems to make her happy and that's suppose to be my make her and my human dad happy.
Why won't she play with me? I keep asking my human parents this question but I never get a good answer. They just seem to laugh...what's that about!
I bring all my toys over to her but nope, still no playing! At night while my human parents stare at the big box that has people in it (human mom calls it a TV but I still don't get it) I'll just sit beside my friend or lay down next to her. I want to keep her company because she seems so lonely sitting there all by herself.
Well, human mom says it's time for my nap. She has to go away later today so I'll be all alone for a few hours. Human mom says this is good for me but I'll be missing her and human dad. He'll be home to take care of me while human mom is out (it has something to do with that art thing again!). Yawn...getting takes a lot of energy to play so I need my rest.

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  1. Hi Kalee!

    You've learned a lot really quick, I think. (humans seem to have an AWFUL LOT of rules.....I can't even remember what I'm supposed to and I'm human. geez!)
    I can let you in on a little secret with Gracie because I have birds. They are very scared of new things. Puppies LOVE new things, but birds are more fragile, so I am sure she will love you soon. Just be patient with Gracie and you'll be friends.
    As to your friend by the fireplace, I think your humans need to explain that.....soon.
    Now you have fun and make sure to keep human mom hopping! It's GOOD EXERCISE for her!