Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yes, I've been busy!

My mom has been keeping me SO busy! She takes (actually drags!) me everywhere with her. Only problem, she makes me sit in my pet taxi as I'm not allowed to sit on the seat in a harness yet. She said someday I will when I get bigger but not right now.
Today we went back to the Vets for me to get my booster shots! I don't like that very much but I behaved as well as could be expected. I bet mom wouldn't be good if she were getting shots too! I'm now up to 5 lbs 2 oz.! The Dr. said that was really good so I guess the food mom feeds me must be helping me grow!

Now my other news! I am really excited about meeting another dog on his blog...well, actually it's his mom's blog but I won't tease him that I have my own blog! Anyway, his name is Scooter Simms and his mom is Ami Simms. My mom said she's a really fun and cool lady but I'm not really interested in her just in her dog, Scooter!
This is me watching Scooter's YouTube that was on his post! Mom let me watch it on her IPOD.

This is the back of my head and that's Scooter! It looks like he's coming over to say hi to me! I could hear his mom talking to him on the video which really made me more curious! He's a big and strong dog...he's able to carry the branch of a tree! I think I might be in love but mom said it's only 'puppy love' and it will go away. I don't want it to go away but guess I'll have to settle for just being Scooter's blog friend.
Only other news I have is I don't have to go to puppy obedience until next week!!! Yippee!! I have one more week of being a puppy and doing cute things like nipping, barking and all those other things that I'll have to think about stopping (at some point in time - that's what mom said!). I just hope dad understands that I have another week left to "drive him crazy". He says that a lot so I think that's a good thing...he must be crazy about me, right!

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  1. OMG -- I'm in love!
    I found my way here when I was going to leave a comment on Lynn K's blog. I got distracted by the Bichon picture on another comment and...well I never did leave Lynn a comment. I seem to be very susceptible to Bichon distraction, ever since I got my own sweet rescued boy in February. (how anyone could have parted with him is beyond me!!)
    I haven't even posted on my own blog since Bugsy came here to live! And I have so many lovely photos too.
    Gotta fix that...
    Glad you got such a great home and family, Kaylee!