Thursday, September 29, 2011

My 1st day at school!

Wahoo!! Last night was my first day at puppy kindergarten! Mom couldn't take pictures because she was too busy learning how to train me. I already know what I'm suppose to do but mom and dad don't know the right way to tell me what they what me to do. That's why mom needs to go to school to learn all these new things and I get to go with her.
Anyway, class was SO much fun! I got to smell all new smells for me! There were lots of dogs in our class but I wasn't allowed to smell them (yet!). Our teacher(s) said next week we can smell each others noses. I could still smell them so my nose was on the ground a lot. It doesn't smell like home but that's ok. I'll get used to that.
It was a little scary at first because a lot of the dogs were braking really loud. Mom said those dogs weren't very polite but I was! The teachers did a lot of talking but mom said they had to so we know what to expect the next 7 weeks. I guess...but it did get a boring just sitting there but then I got to "shine" (that's what mom said!). Our first lesson was to learn how to sit and watch our moms or dads. I did this SO good that the teacher took me out to the middle of the room and showed everyone else how to do it! Everyone in the room when ooh and ahhh so I guess I looked pretty cute! I know I made mom proud. So now mom said we have to practice every day because we have homework! Geezzzz I just want to go back and play with the other dogs. I guess I'll just have to wait a week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My new chair!

What!? Mom took this picture and started to laugh! I didn't think I look funny but for some reason she was making fun of me.
You see this is really my dad's chair. I know it's too big for me but that's the best part!
I can stretch out really far and it feels so nice and cool on my tummy...
And on my back! I just love my chair!! I sure hope dad finds another place to sit because he takes up too much of "my" chair!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sometimes I have to go to jail!

I'm still lovin' my new home, even though sometimes I have to go to "jail". That's what mom calls it...I think it's just a great big crate for big dogs. In fact, I heard dad telling mom that it used to be a crate for the Mandy dog that used to live here. Anyway, I just love, love, love to play hard and especially play with mom and dad. I wouldn't care if they bit my leg or neck but for some reason they get upset when I do that to them! It's just puppy playing! It's so much fun to do...and really fun to do when we're outside in the yard! I even nibble on mom's legs sometimes when she has shorts on! That's when she yells "NO BITE" and puts me in "jail". Geeezzzz What's a puppy to do! I'm only playing! Maybe the teacher at doggie kindergarden will tell mom not to put me in jail anymore and just bite me like I bite her and dad. Actually, I like biteing dad more than mom. He doesn't know how to say "NO BITE"...he just keeps telling me "don't bite daddy" and then he wags his finger at me! I just might get that finger in my mouth one day! I'll keep trying!
The other favorite thing for me to do is to look at the two dogs next door to us. Mom will go over and feed them and let them outside when their mom and dad have to be away for a long time. I like watching them but I don't bark. I just stare at them!

This is me still watching the dogs.

Sometimes I stand up on the rail so I can see them better.

Both dogs were out playing but I could only watch. Some day mom said I can play with the small dog named Cody. I can't wait!

Maybe if I could play with other dogs I wouldn't have to play with dad so hard! Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My first bath! This is a pg rated post!

This is me trying to understand what mom meant by "you're going to look so pretty after your bath". Heck, I thought I was pretty enough...and this 'bath' thing sure didn't sound like it was going to be much fun.

Turned out it wasn't fun! The next pictures are of me really naked! Gosh, who knew water could make a girl look so bad. I wasn't sure how this would all work out making me look prettier than I already am. My mom didn't look so good either after I shook a few times. She just laughed so I guess it was ok that she got wet too.

Mom said I did really well for my first bath. I didn't even try to get out of the sink! Heck, I didn't know where to go if I did! I was drenched and naked!
Dad was taking pictures and this is my sad face! I didn't want him to see me like this!
This was the fun part of the bath anyway! Mom gave me a really cool bone with some good stuff in it. So I just laid in the sink while she used the machine on me to dry. This is the same machine she dries herself with in the morning. I always go in the room with the tub while mom does her grooming in the morning so I knew what this machine would do. It actually felt pretty good.
This is me after my bath! Whew...sure tires a girl out...wonder why mom doesn't sleep after her grooming?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yes, I've been busy!

My mom has been keeping me SO busy! She takes (actually drags!) me everywhere with her. Only problem, she makes me sit in my pet taxi as I'm not allowed to sit on the seat in a harness yet. She said someday I will when I get bigger but not right now.
Today we went back to the Vets for me to get my booster shots! I don't like that very much but I behaved as well as could be expected. I bet mom wouldn't be good if she were getting shots too! I'm now up to 5 lbs 2 oz.! The Dr. said that was really good so I guess the food mom feeds me must be helping me grow!

Now my other news! I am really excited about meeting another dog on his blog...well, actually it's his mom's blog but I won't tease him that I have my own blog! Anyway, his name is Scooter Simms and his mom is Ami Simms. My mom said she's a really fun and cool lady but I'm not really interested in her just in her dog, Scooter!
This is me watching Scooter's YouTube that was on his post! Mom let me watch it on her IPOD.

This is the back of my head and that's Scooter! It looks like he's coming over to say hi to me! I could hear his mom talking to him on the video which really made me more curious! He's a big and strong dog...he's able to carry the branch of a tree! I think I might be in love but mom said it's only 'puppy love' and it will go away. I don't want it to go away but guess I'll have to settle for just being Scooter's blog friend.
Only other news I have is I don't have to go to puppy obedience until next week!!! Yippee!! I have one more week of being a puppy and doing cute things like nipping, barking and all those other things that I'll have to think about stopping (at some point in time - that's what mom said!). I just hope dad understands that I have another week left to "drive him crazy". He says that a lot so I think that's a good thing...he must be crazy about me, right!

Friday, September 16, 2011

But I thought I'm supposed to be a happy puppy?

Yes, this is me in my pet taxi waiting for the"kids" to get home from school. I found out the"kids" are part of our family too! They just don't live with us but that's's just another place I get to go with my mom! Well, I thought so until...I was SO happy to see some other humans so I made sure to give the "kids" lots of kissing, jumping and even a little nip to let them know it! Well, I guess I'm not suppose to be this happy?? What's up with that? I had to sit and watch the "kids" do homework...another word I don't know. My mom talks about all the work she's not doing since I came to live with her so I don't know if she's talking about homework too!
This is my sad face! I really wanted to kiss and play with the kids but because I was so excited I just couldn't contain myself!! mom is going to enroll me in puppy obedience! I can't decide if I'm happy about that or not.
Mom said I'll learn lots of good things and learn how to control my excitement. I thought puppies are suppose to be happy and excited! Mom said I'll meet other puppies and this will help me learn more things than I know now. I am good at getting my collar on and mom even has been teaching me to walk with her. For some reason, she has this long rope thing (she calls it a leash) that is attached to my collar. Then we take tiny steps together. I don't think I need the rope thing on but mom said I have to. I guess I'll just be a good puppy and let her put it on. Mom and dad say I'm doing really good at potty time outside too! That part makes them really happy.
They aren't so excited about my playing after dinner. I play good all day long and don't get too excited but I sure get excited around 6 p.m. I think they are giving me caffeine (I heard mom talk about how she needs more caffeine for energy) so maybe that's why I want to run and run and run. I blame it on dad...he started it the night we were alone so I think I need to keep this up! I sure hope they figure out what I should and should not do! I just want to keep being a happy puppy...just because that's what I'm suppose to do, right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I sleep anywhere!

My followers (I love saying that word!) know how much I love to sleep! Well, my mom and dad have special places all over our home for me to sleep in! I'm not allowed to roam much so when I'm not in my crate I get to sleep in special places! It's so much fun to decide where I want to sleep next!
Whenever mom and dad are eating their dinner, I'm suppose to sit quiet and not run around. I do really well at sitting nice and quiet but it gets so boring just sitting so I usually fall asleep...sometimes it's right on top of my mom's shoes!

Other times, I'll lay in the bed next to the fireplace or in Dad's lap when we're watching TV. I finally learned what this TV thing is! They have dogs in that machine as well as people! My mom showed me some dogs one day and when she leaves the house we have Animal Planet on...which is really cool! I watch it from my new crate.

So here are some other special places where I sleep. Aren't I just so the luckiest dog ever!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the start of 'fall'! I really don't know what 'fall' is...I thought that's what happens to me if I would get on the couch and fall off...that's why mom won't let me sit by myself...but I guess that's not what this other 'fall' is. Mom said it's really pretty out in the fall and I'll like it because it's not hot...although it was hot out today! So I guess this 'fall' thing has something to do with the weather.
More busy days around our household! Mom keeps saying how proud she is of me! For some reason, she and dad get the biggest kick when I go to the patio door and bark or ring the bell! Then when I go poop outside they get really excited! I mean REALLY excited! I think because old people don't do very much so the little things in life get them all excited. I like to see them smile, so I guess I'll just keep doing what I do.
I did get to meet another playmate. Not sure what it is with all the playmates in this house! For some reason, they are pretty lazy and don't want to play. I thought this playmates was trying to tell me something so I sat real still but she never did say anything. Maybe she's just shy.
I did like her putting her head on my neck. That made me feel very comfortable.
In fact, I was so comfortable, I fell asleep! I have so many neat places to sleep in my new home! Tomorrow I'll show you some of them.
Well, it's my turn to watch my mom's shoes. These are 'outside' shoes mom tells me...that's because she puts them on to take me outside. Isn't she smart!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise Time

Mom said I need to exercise to keep my girley shape so late yesterday (before I did my exercises inside) I thought I better help mom exercise too! I don't want her getting out of shape! So, when we were in the back yard, I found a place under the fence to sneak out and thought I'd run over to the neighbors and see if mom could catch me! That's a good exercise - running! Boy, I was really surprised because mom can sure run!
Well, it was so much fun, I did it 3 more times! We ran and would catch me, put me back in the fenced in yard but I always found another spot to get out! What fun we had! Mom was really puffing when we finally came in. She did a pretty good job running up the hill to catch me so I'm sure she got her exercise in yesterday!

Anyway, dad fixed all the spots where I could get out so now mom and I have to exercise in the house or just play ball outside. That's ok...I hated to see my mom sweat so much because it doesn't smell so good on her! Back in the house I started on my exercises. I don't want to have 'saddle bags' under my arms like my mom, so I'm doing my arm lifts first.

1, 2, 3, have to keep these up!

Here I'm doing my tummy crunches.

Whew! I'm done for the day! Exercising is hard work!

How's my butt look?

Mom took me in my pet taxi for another car ride today. She said she wants to make sure I like riding in the car. I don't really know if I like riding in the car or not because I always curl up and sleep! I'm not sure if it's the driving or the music that puts me to sleep. Anyway, mom stopped at the meat market first (she said she needed to get red meat for dad since he's anemic (yea, another strange word I heard). I'm not allowed people food and red meat doesn't even sound good to me. Mom said she doesn't eat it either.

At mom's 2nd stop, she bought me a new daytime crate! Isn't it nice! Dad put it together for me and I jumped right in and now I'm going to take a nap! All that exercising tires a girl out.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a night!

This is me trying to apologize to my dad! You see, I thought my dad was my playmate so while mom was doing her 'art' thing last night, I kept trying to get dad to play. I don't think that's what he wanted to do and it took me all night to figure that one out!
When dad got home from 'golfing' (yep, another word I don't know - but mom told me I didn't need to learn it) he took me outside. Like the good girl that I am I did what I was suppose to do and then!! PLAYTIME with dad! Oops...wrong!
I found something that smelled REALLY good to me so I thought it would be fun to run to it and roll in it. I wanted dad to do the same thing but all he did was run after me, pick me up and put me at the opposite end of the yard. So being the good playmate I am, I ran back to the smelly spot! We had a ball doing this lots of times (dad said it was about 30 times, I think he exaggerates!).
Anyway, after I finally wore dad out he brought me back into the house. I thought he still wanted to play. I was getting tired but I wanted dad to be happy and so I tried to get him to play some more! I ran and ran and ran but he wouldn't chase me. So then I kept biting him...that's what I used to do with my litter mates! they liked it but dad sure didn't!
It was sure exhausting trying to play with dad until I found out when mom got home, dad didn't really want to play! Well, why didn't someone tell me that! Glad that night is over with (I heard dad tell mom the same thing today!).

I've been really, really good today and not chasing dad or running around unless my mom lets me! We did play ball outside and then she took me for my 2nd car ride! We made four stops and because I was still tired from last night I slept in my doggie den (it's really a pet taxi but my parents like to call it a den. I think they heard that from the Dog Whisperer!).

I really like to sit by the front door and watch the other neighborhood dogs and their parents walk up and down the street. I think every home must have a doggie because I haven't seen the same one twice! My mom said I'm really good because I don't even bark at the other dogs or people (I only bark at my dad, which he doesn't like!). I'm still loving my new house and new parents! We are learning so much together (yes, I heard this from my mom too!) and they show me lots of love! And give me good food too! What doggie wouldn't be happy! Enjoy your weekend...I know we will (especially dad because my mom is home now!).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning and keeping busy!

I'm so busy most days, it's hard to find time to write my blog. But my human mom says, "if you make a commitment, you stick with it". I think I also heard her tell this to my human dad about me...something about training and puppies. I try not to listen when they talk about me.
My human mom says I'm doing good at house breaking. I didn't think I was breaking anything in the house so she's been trying to explain this housebreaking thing to me. She even put a bell on the patio door and she rings it every time I go outside. I like the bell but if I touch it and it rings out we go!! Human mom said I'll understand this new 'rule' soon. Boy, old folks sure have a lot of rules...puppies don't!

I am allowed to go in my human mom's art room (I'm still not sure what this room is), but only when she goes in there. This is also a room where Gracie, the parrot lives. I didn't meet her until the 2nd day I lived here. Gracie seems nice to my human mom but sure glares at me when I come in the room. This is her staring at me!
My human mom makes me 'stay' in this little bed when I'm in 'this' room. I have to look up all the time to see Gracie and sometimes my neck gets tired so I just lay my head down. I try to stay in my bed like my human mom wants me to. Seems to make her happy and that's suppose to be my make her and my human dad happy.
Why won't she play with me? I keep asking my human parents this question but I never get a good answer. They just seem to laugh...what's that about!
I bring all my toys over to her but nope, still no playing! At night while my human parents stare at the big box that has people in it (human mom calls it a TV but I still don't get it) I'll just sit beside my friend or lay down next to her. I want to keep her company because she seems so lonely sitting there all by herself.
Well, human mom says it's time for my nap. She has to go away later today so I'll be all alone for a few hours. Human mom says this is good for me but I'll be missing her and human dad. He'll be home to take care of me while human mom is out (it has something to do with that art thing again!). Yawn...getting takes a lot of energy to play so I need my rest.