Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I sleep anywhere!

My followers (I love saying that word!) know how much I love to sleep! Well, my mom and dad have special places all over our home for me to sleep in! I'm not allowed to roam much so when I'm not in my crate I get to sleep in special places! It's so much fun to decide where I want to sleep next!
Whenever mom and dad are eating their dinner, I'm suppose to sit quiet and not run around. I do really well at sitting nice and quiet but it gets so boring just sitting so I usually fall asleep...sometimes it's right on top of my mom's shoes!

Other times, I'll lay in the bed next to the fireplace or in Dad's lap when we're watching TV. I finally learned what this TV thing is! They have dogs in that machine as well as people! My mom showed me some dogs one day and when she leaves the house we have Animal Planet on...which is really cool! I watch it from my new crate.

So here are some other special places where I sleep. Aren't I just so the luckiest dog ever!


  1. I LOVE how puppies sleep anywhere at any time! Soooo adorable!

  2. A really big welcome to your new puppy who looks to have no trouble at all settling into your home - I hope she helps to mend the hurt from losing Mandy. We suddenly lost our airedale terrier around the same time - so I know how deeply the hurt lies. Enjoy puppy love surrounding you.
    Regards, Pamela