Saturday, October 1, 2011

My buddy's!

I'm so lucky to have so many "buddy's". Mom and dad gave me a 'buddy' when I first came to live with them. It was a white, fuzzy buddy but one day it ran away from home! I looked all over but couldn't find it so mom and dad bought me another one. They said this buddy was better for me anyway because it didn't have all the fuzz on it. Sometimes I would get the fuzz in my mouth and cough. I hope buddy found a new home but I have to say I don't miss him that much now. My new buddy has big ears and a tail I can hold on to. This is me carrying my buddy across the room. Mom also took a video of me playing really hard with my new buddy. He's also nice to sleep with! I put my head on his head and we both go to sleep really quick.
This is my dad! He's also a buddy to me! He really likes to rub my belly and pet me. When I sit on dad's lap at night he's always touching me and rubbing me. I think he likes my silky coat.
These are just some more pictures and video mom took of me and my buddy's! I'm so lucky!!!

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