Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day in my life

Mom took pictures of a day in my life! I have to admit I am busy ALL day long and I try to keep mom busy too. She gets bored easily, from what she tells me, so I have to think of things to do just for her!

This is me up and ready!

This is me practicing my 'lessons' from puppy kindergarten. this is the 'sit' command, which I do really well!

This is me WAITING for someone to take me outside! You see I have to be carried down the stairs because they are really big and scary. I'm doing really good at climbing up the stairs and sometimes I get a treat!

Yea, I'm still waiting to go out!

Nap time!

This is me watching Logan, the dog next door! He's very handsome but BIG!

Yes, another nap for me!

This was the very first day I went for a walk down the street. The wind was blowing so hard so my fur and ears were wind blown. I walk really well and mom is always telling me what a good puppy I am!
The video shows me playing with a toy mom made. She put my kibble bits inside a bottle and covers it up with an old sock. She tries to trick me sometime by putting the lid on the bottle so when she does that I just run around the house! Other times, I know how to tip the bottle so I can eat what's inside. That's the best!

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