Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yep, it's me sleeping again. Seems like mom is always taking pictures of me sleeping. But she said I'm growing so fast, I need my sleep. This is me sleeping outside the large crate (jail) that mom puts in her sewing room. I'm not allowed to roam in her room because she said there are beads and needles that she can't even see but mom said that I'd be sure to find them. She doesn't even have to put up the other baby gate to keep me in my 'area'. I just want to stay by her while she does her 'sewing thing' so sometime I just sleep on the floor rather than in the big crate.
Today I had my Dr. appointment to get my last booster shots. OUCH! I was really good and didn't cry or even move when they checked my ears and teeth and mouth! Mom was really proud of me (as usual!). I'm up to 7lbs. too! And on Sat. I'll be 16 weeks old! Mom said that's four months old.
Last night was our puppy class and it was fun! We have to greet each other by touching noses but then we get a treat. I love meeting all the other dogs. It's so much fun to socialize with dogs and people. All the trainers are really nice and give me treats all the time. Yum! I'm doing really good on my leash walking and my sit and stay! Of course the leash walking is a piece of cake for me. Mom and I go on at least four and sometimes five walks a day! Even in the rain! I don't mind the rain at all but mom is getting me some booties. Not sure I'm going to like those but mom said "too bad, you'll get used to them". Oh well...just one more thing I'll have to do for mom!

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