Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shame on me...

Shame on me...Mom said I'm suppose to be keeping my blog up but sure is hard to do that when she keeps me so busy! We have to do our puppy lessons, go for walks, then she started doing these crate games with me. We are so busy that it all tires me right out!
So what's a puppy to do! NAP! I sure nap a lot but I am lucky to have so many cool places to nap. Sometimes, it's hard for me to make a choice where to nap.
This is me sleeping under mom's feet when she was doing some computer work. I got my favorite toy, Buddy, and kept him close to me. Really I just like to lay my head on his head. It's just like a pillow!

This is another favorite place for me to nap. It's on dad's big puffy chair. Dad puts me beside his leg and makes sure that I always have a chewy. He does that because he doesn't like me to chew on his hand or pants! Sometimes, dad puts Buddy up with me too.
Yep, that's me laying on top of Buddy again!
Mom said I'm doing really good at the crate games. We've just started so right now I sit at the back of my crate when the door opens and I only come out when mom gives me the 'command' (it's really her just saying "OK" but she calls it a command!). Then mom opens the crate door (I'm still not allowed out) and puts on my leash. Then we play the 'in and out game'. This time she opens the door and I sit really still until I hear the 'command' word then I run out of the crate but I turn around REALLY fast and run back to my crate. For some reason, mom goes nuts and tells me what a great dog I am. I guess I'm doing this part right too. She said pretty soon she won't put the leash on and then she's going to put the crate further away each time to watch me run back into it! No wonder I have to nap!!! It's not easy being a puppy in this house...but their hugs and treats make it worth it. I just didn't know old people were so active! I wonder when they nap?

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