Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, I do love Halloween!! I didn't know what this word meant or what the day was all about but I sure found out quick! It's a day that different, strange looking little people come to your house! They all greet you by saying "trick or treat". I know the word "treat" because mom says that to me all the time but I'm still not sure about the "trick" part. I don't know any tricks yet but I'm sure mom will teach me those at some point too!
Anyway, this is me all dressed up in my Halloween outfit (mom said you have to dress up like the other little people). I was really good when the little people came to the door. Sometimes they would ring the door bell and that's when mom would tell me "get in your crate" so I would! That's where I'm suppose to sit when someone comes to the front door. I don't always do that but on Halloween night I did REALLY good! I won't tell mom but at first I just wasn't sure what was happening so that big crate looked pretty good to me! It's my safe place, you know!
This is dad and me waiting for the door bell to ring. Sometimes the little people would just knock on the door and then they would yell out "trick or treat".
Dad just loves to have me 'sit'...he does this a lot! So I 'sit' just to make him happy.
This is me when the door bell rang and mom said "crate"!
This is dad and me waiting again.
It did get boring at times, so I would just lay in my crate and wait for the next group of little people to stop by. Mom and dad would reward the little people for coming to the house and give them a "treat" of candy. Mom said they gave out 199 treats. No wonder I was tired! That was a lot of little people for me to say hello to!
This is what some of the little people looked like! Aren't they funny! I wasn't even scared because mom told me ahead of time they wouldn't look like any kids I have seen before.
I can't wait for the next Halloween day!!! I just hope I get more treats next time! All I got was pieces of turkey franks!

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