Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some of my day(s)...

Mom and I have been busy as usual. She's either trying to get me to do my lessons or I follow her around when she does this 'cleaning' thing. I don't get to help her but I like to watch her. sometimes I get bored so I get my favorite toy, Buddy, and we just play together.
This is my place to sit or sleep when mom and dad eat their food. They don't want me to jump up on them or beg for their food. I've never had their food and I don't think I want to. They use these 'metal' things to eat with! I'll stick to eating out of my metal bowls! That's a lot easier.
This was me last Thursday playing in 'snow'! I didn't know what snow was. I thought mom put white pieces outside for me to play with! I don't mind the cold so it was fun to run and try to eat the snow. Mom said to "get ready" because soon she said there will be lots of white stuff to play in. She also said to enjoy it because soon we'll be in a different house where they don't have snow. It's called "Florida". I don't know what "Florida" is but I'm sure it's nice if mom likes it.
Yes, I even did my bathroom activity outside in the snow. It was kinda cold on my backside but I don't mind that much.
Tonight is my last puppy class and mom said we should graduate tonight! I'm going to miss going to see the nice trainers and all the other dogs. Mom said when we get back from the Florida house that we're going to go to class again. I can't wait! Gotta go rest now so I'm ready for my graduation tonight!

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