Saturday, November 5, 2011

A day at puppy class

Dad came to watch me at my puppy class this week! I tried to do really good so he would be proud of me especailly since he was taking pictures and video's!

In this picture I was cheating! I was suppose to lie down and stay...but I kinda squated! I knew what I was suppose to do but mom had some really good treats so I thought I'd just sneak a bite!
I did end up doing my sit/stay and down/stay good!

Sometimes I start to get tired before the class is over with so I'll just lie down. Mom said that's ok as long as I get back up and do the lesson.
This was me doing the 'watch me' command. That's where you are suppose to just stare at whoever has your leash! I think it's kinda dumb but I always get a treat when I do the 'stare' so that's what I do. I sit and stare or I walk and stare! Silly isn't it!
Here are two video's dad took. One is of me smelling the floor and mom dragging me to get my attention. This is the 'down/stay' command and I did finally do it good enough for a treat! The 2nd video is where Diane, the head trainer, took me out in the middle of the class to do a demo. We were being taught the 'leave it' command. That's where someone teases you by dropping a good treat on the ground but you aren't allowed to eat it! Isn't that mean! Mom said I have to learn this command if I want to be a Therapy Dog like Mandy was. She doesn't want me to eat someone's pills in the nursing home! I guess that makes sense but still...I love my treats!

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