Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waiting to go to puppy class takes my mom so long to get 'us' ready for puppy class on Wednesday's. She puts my puppy taxi up on the counter then she gets her coat and purse and other stuff together. All I can do is stare up at my taxi on the counter! I'm all ready to go! I'm hoping to get her attention when I do the 'stare' but...
that doesn't work so then I lay down in front of her and give her the 'stare'! I love going in my crate and going for rides in the car!
Finally!!! Mom puts the crate on the floor and I jump right I have still have to wait for her to close it up and put me in the car! It's just a big old waiting game on Wednesday's!
I love my mom but I guess because she's old it just takes her a long time to get us ready!
We only have one more week of puppy class and I'm going to be sad. I love seeing all the people and the dogs! Maybe when we get back from Florida mom said we'll do another class. You know I have to be well behaved to become a therapy dog. Mom said it's going to take a year but we'll make it!! Aren't mom's the best! They always believe in you! But they are slow...

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