Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's My Birthday!!!

Yep, it's my birthday today and I am four years old!  Mom said I'm still a puppy to her but I think I am more like a teenager!   This is me when I first came to mom and dad when I was about 8 weeks old!  

I think I looked kinda funny but mom said I was really she says I'm beautiful!

I guess I am rather pretty but sometimes I would prefer  to just roll in the mud or dead animals instead of wearing a dress!  But, mom likes me to dress up when I go to my day job.  We all have jobs to do..mine is to visit folks in nursing homes.  Dad's job is to golf and mom does this sewing thing!  That is how we all work.  I love them a lot and they love me and I get to go for rides with mom wherever she goes!  Life is good.  Now I just hope I get a birthday cake today!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Kalee. You are beautiful and so very sweet to do such a great job of visiting and entertaining the home folks. Cake for you...

  2. I sigh when I see your pretty little self. I am blessed with three dogs, all over 50 Pounds and 2 are more than 100. I'm lucky to have a head in my lap let alone a Lap Dog Dive!!
    Happy Birthday Pretty Pooch!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Kalee.
    Much love from me and lotsa' kisses and wags from Bugsy, Meryl and Patsy!