Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Kalee turns 3  today so I'm doing her post!  I just love this little girl so much and so happy we made the decision to get her 3 days after Mandy passed.  It was such a sad time for us and I think of Mandy every day...that may be hard for some to believe but I do.

So here are some memories of the past few years with our baby!!!

She would sleep anywhere

Kalee's first snow

Kalee's first grooming day!

Her first vet visit

Her first Halloween outfit

Her first Buddy toy

Dad's shoe is almost bigger than her

Typical girl...has a shoe fetish

Yea, it's my birthday!!!

I sit so well behind dad!

Yep, the picture we fell in love with!  Had to have her.
Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!


  1. What's cuter than a Kalee photo review on her birthday?? Not much! Scooter is no longer in training class but will check out the online instruction you're doing.

  2. Happy Birthday cutie pie! I didn't know until now that you had your own blog.

  3. Happy Birthday Kalee! 3 already!? So glad your folks decided to adopt you because I can see how much all your lives are enriched by that decision. I think my little Roscoe wishes he could come over and play with you, maybe have some of your birthday cake. Have a fun day!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kalee!!
    Hope you get lots of fun toys for your birthday -- don't over-do it on the cake and ice cream!
    Hugs from Bugsy, Patsy, Maks and Meryl