Sunday, November 24, 2013

I was sick....

Yes, I was sick this week and had to go to the emergency clinic for dogs on Thursday!  I even had to get two shots and x-rays!  But I am better now...
Actually I wasn't sick when mom took this picture...I was sleeping on the floor and dad covered me up so I just stayed where I was!  Yes, sometimes I 'milk' being sick because I get extra cuddles from mom and dad!!  Mom always said I was smart!  Yep, I am!

So Cody came for a sleepover last night and we had to play today!  This was us waiting for dad to throw the ball!
Mom was in the family room putting up the Christmas tree and decorations so Cody and I started to run around all the boxes!  What fun!  Guess I don't look so sick now do I??

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