Friday, August 9, 2013

Tunnel, Jump, Tire & Table!

I love dog school!!!  Mom and I had SO much fun last night!!  This is the type of tunnel I got to go through!

Not only did I go through the tunnel but I came running out of the tunnel and over a jump and through a tire and up on a table!!!!

Mom and I were so was really happy because she didn't know if I would or could do the jumps but I did.  Our trainer, Felicia, just told mom how to get me over the first jump and I did so good, she put the tire after the jump.  I did that so good that Felicia added a table.
The first time mom had to help me up on the table because sometimes my back legs don't work quite right...but after the first time, I was able to jump up on the table and sit perfectly!  
Mom said if we do that again sometime this summer, she's going to ask someone in the class to take a video of us.  I sure hope we get to do it again.  I love this stuff!!!  And I want to make mom happy and proud of me!  Right now she sure is proud!

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